Alumni Association

Alumni Association


The Alumni Association of the Industrial Engineering Department, better known as IKA D3MITS, is a forum for alumni of the Industrial Engineering Department to organize, organize, and express their aspirations. As an element that cannot be separated from DTMI’s alma mater. IKA D3MITS has strategic planning in an effort to serve its members. Where the members are all graduates of the Industrial Engineering Department without exception. In this service, IKA D3MITS emphasizes that alumni have high competitiveness at national and international levels.


Being a place of service for alumni of the Department of Industrial Engineering ITS, which contributes to DTMI students and the community.


  1. Proactively strengthening ties between members of the IKA D3MITS
  2. Become an organization that has a role in shaping the competence of its members
  3. Become a liaison member with the alma mater DTMI and ITS