Antacena Triumphed Again 28 Nopember 2018

Mon, 03 Dec 2018
2:53 pm
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After repeatedly participating in the Energy-Saving Car Contest, Antasena has managed to bring home the championship again.

KMHE is a national scale event organized by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education to race energy-efficient car innovations made by students throughout Indonesia. This time it was held at Padang State University on November 28, 2018.

This year ITS deployed 3 TEAMS with 4 different fueled cars. They are Team Sapuangin, Team Nogogeni and Team Antasena.

One of the ITS team supervisors, Dr. Ir Atok Setiawan MEngSc, explained that four cars from the three ITS car teams departing each managed to carve out the title. The first two titles were won by two ITS teams.

They were the Sapuangin Team in the gasoline class and Team Nogogeni in the ethanol class. While the third winner was also won by Team Nogogeni in the electric class and Antasena Team in the diesel class.

Congratulations to the Antasena Team who have fought and succeeded in bringing the name of the material and metallurgical engineering department and ITS to the title of champion that has been achieved.


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