MES 2018 Workshop : Understanding New Method of Energy Access Indexing

Fri, 26 Oct 2018
10:18 pm
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In synergy with Microenergy Systems (MES) Research Group from Technical University Berlin, Department of Engineering Physics ITS is joining as host of The MES 2018 Travelling Conference. This travelling workshop held in Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines at February 23rd-24th 2018, in postgraduate conference room. The theme delivered was “MicroPerspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply”, and consisting of in-class workshop and field trip to Micro-Hydro plant (MHP) located in PPLH Seloliman, Mojokerto.

The MES workshop 2018 is attended by students from several departments at ITS, especially those interested in studying energy engineering. One of Engineering Physics` international student, Pierre Damien, said that this workshop gives him new knowledge about energy assessment matrices.

The discussion about energy access distribution is not something new. The decentralized energy system promotes every region to develop their own energy sources based on their potential. The centralized energy assessment – now said conventional – is no longer viable as it classifies regions to just “energy access available” and “not available”. The new method, Worldbank’s Multi-Tier Framework (MTF) is introduced to classify a region, community, or even a factory into Tier / level based on several criteria such as electricity availability, clean water, energy sources for cooking, lighting, etc. This method is useful to scientists, businessmen, investors, and government to identify how well energy distribution in an area.

The Field Trip

Damien commented that the interesting part about the workshop is the field trip to Seloliman. He can directly see and understand energy access in rural areas. “It opened our eyes about many things, especially energy access.” he said. The Micro-Hydro Plant (MHP) itself is an example of decentralized energy source. Riverside areas use MHP as electricity source, using water stream to power the generator. The energy assessment process surely considers the location and specification of MHP.

This was a successful workshop and a chance of opening the collaboration between Engineering Physics ITS  and MES Research Group of Technical University Berlin. (rfa)

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