Vision And Mission


Excellent and world class in Biomedical Engineering education and research.


  • Take an active role in advancing science and technology through the process of education, research, and community service related to the field of biomedical engineering specifically and a large group of engineering, directed, planned, and sustainable.
  • Produce graduates who become human resources who have analytical skills and competencies in the field of Biomedical Engineering with professional character, morality, high competitiveness and able to develop, improve, and apply science and technology to the interests of the wider community
  • Produce scientific publications at national and international levels.


The values that the Department of Biomedical Engineering wants to instill are:

  • Ethics and Integrity; in the life of society, state, and running their profession, always adhere to the norms and regulations that apply in society, state, and religion
  • Creativity and Innovation; always looking for new ideas to produce innovation in carrying out their duties / roles better
  • Excellence; try your best to achieve perfect results
  • Strong Leadership; show visionary, creative, innovative, hardworking behavior, dare to make changes in a better direction, and be responsible
  • Synergy (Synergy); work together to be able to make the most of their potential
  • Social and Social Responsibility (Socio-cohesiveness and Social Responsibility); maintain harmony and care for the surrounding community


The goals to be achieved by the Biomedical Engineering Bachelor Study Program of the Ten November Institute of Technology are:

  1. Graduates who are competent in accordance with what is needed by the user, with advantages:
    a. The duration of study is in accordance with curriculum design
    b. The Grade Point Average is above the average required by the user
    c. Graduates have a certificate of at least 3 kinds of soft skills training
    d. Graduates or students have an entrepreneurial spirit
  2. The formation of a research climate and research results involving all components, and can be implemented and beneficial for the community
    a. Increase in the number of titles and research funds
    b. Increasing the number of research collaborations with industry, government agencies, domestic and foreign universities
  3. The creation of resources (people, assets, information & management, finance) and environmental comfort that support the development of the Biomedical Engineering Study Program
    a. Availability of adequate infrastructure for the implementation of education, research and community service
    b. Availability of adequate supporting infrastructure (sports, arts), and the creation of an academic atmosphere and a comfortable environment
  4. The creation of an effective network of cooperation between educational institutions within / outside the country, industry, government and private institutions.
    a. Increase the number of cooperation and implementation with other universities, especially overseas, government and private institutions
    b. Improve cooperation with industry and practitioners in the field of Biomedical Engineering as a networking tool