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Educate, Enhance and Empowering an International Level of Marine Engineer

The Department of Marine Engineering (DMarE) aims to create young professionals and academics who have the ability to design installation, managerial, and maintenance of ships and offshore platforms. Not only in theory, students are also accustomed to solving real problems in industry and society. Department of Marine Engineering concentrates on the planning and construction of various systems on ships and offshore platforms. These systems include machinery, propulsion, piping, electricity, control and automation systems.

Since 1987 the Department of Marine Engineering obtained international accreditation from IMarEST (Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology) which is a professional association based in London, England. Department of Marine Engineering has also received an A accreditation from the Higher Education National Accreditation (Badan Akreditasi Nasional – BAN) and accreditation from the ZEvA Accreditation Board-Europe. In DMarE, students will study intensively under the guidance of 30 permanent lecturers with the composition of lecturers with Doctoral Degree education as many as 11 people, and 17 have Master degrees. In addition, the Department of Marine Engineering has 2 professors and 7 visiting professors from the Hochschule Wismar, Germany in the double degree program.

To support the research environment, the Department of Marine Engineering is supported by 6 laboratories that are the center of research activities for students and lecturers. Outside the classroom, students will also learn and get along in the environment with a passion for work. Based on those academic conditions, many innovation and achievement will be created out of student initiatives. For example is the DMarE marine solar boat, the innovation of those solar ships created since 2012 has famously known in national and international competitions. Since 2011, DMarE has also collaborated with Hochschule Wismar, Germany to organize a double degree program in Marine Engineering.

This resulted in the department’s alumni being recognized both nationally and internationally in the maritime field. Currently, Department of Marine Engineering alumni are spread throughout Indonesia and abroad with jobs in Shipyard / Offshores, Maritime Industries, Shipping Company, Oil and Gas, Classification Society, Civil Servants, Government Agencies and other similar fields.


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