Public Facilities

Public Facilities

Department of Marine Engineering has the following public facilities to support activities at the Department. The facilities are :

  • The auditorium that can be used as a place for conducting study program meetings, guest lectures, discussions, lectures, assistance, etc.
  • The FTK seminar room at BG Munaf Hall with a capacity of 150 people can be used to hold seminars, guest lectures, training, open talks, and other activities to support interaction between the academic community.
  • The Marine Engineering Plaza, which is equipped with WiFi facilities, is used for student activities such as group studies, joint discussions, and for interaction with fellow students. It also equipped with various small gazebos and garden to increase the conformity of the student.
  • Musholla FTK, for all academic staff, support staff and student.

Monday-Friday: 08.00 – 20.00

Saturday, Sunday and holiday are closed.

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