IT Facilities

IT Facilities

Internet access

Internet access facilities are available 24 hours in the Department of Marine Engineering (DMarE). DMarE provides internet access services for students and lecturers that can be accessed throughout the DMarE environment. These services can be done either through the ITS LAN intranet service, as well as internet and wi-fi services which are located at 5 points around the classroom and lecture room.

Computer and Software Tools

Computer services and software services in laboratory computer are available for student learning in the Marine engineering sector. The topics could be varied from Design of the ships, Designing ship system, calculating, simulating and estimating risk on ships, also other things that related to Marine Engineering. Related computer-aided engineering is available for design tasks ranging from lines plan assignments to the design of the machinery and electrical systems of ships using AutoCAD software. As for the software that has been owned by DMarE for the learning and research process, among others are: Solidworks, Numeca, Ansys, and Maxsurf.

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