Department in Number

Department In Number

Currently the Department of Marine Engineering has a number of permanent lecturers of 30 people, plus 3 people with non-permanent lecturers status. Of the 30 lecturers, consisting of 2 professors, 11 doctoral graduates, 17 master’s graduates. While 3 non-permanent lecturers were all master’s graduates.

All lecturers in the Department of Marine Engineering are spread across 6 areas of expertise, namely MEAS (6 lecturers), MPP (6 lecturers), MMS (5 lecturers), MMD (4 lecturers), RAMS (4 lecturers), and MOM ( 5 lecturers). So the lecturers have good skills in each of these areas of expertise and support the research and research-based community activities

Total Lecturer Based on their degree (in percentage)

  • Profesor
  • Master
  • Doktor

Distrubution of the Lecturer in their expertise (in percentage)

  • MOM
  • RAMS
  • MPP
  • MMS
  • MMD
  • MEAS

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