Department of Marine Engineering (DMarE) has a collaboration program with institutions and organization in the country and abroad. The collaboration program includes several activities such as lecturer exchanges, exchange of education staff and student exchanges for some time.

In addition, collaborative research is also carried out, namely research carried out jointly. For example, is the collaboration between DMarE and Wismar University in the form of SIDI (Sustainable Island Digital Initiative) which empowers people in the outermost and foremost islands. In addition, laboratories also collaborate with universities laboratories abroad. The study discusses the latest and strategic issues that will be sought for resolution in accordance with the laboratory field.

Collaboration Data

No.InstitutionCollaboration ActivitiesStartEndBenefit
1Hochschule Wismar University of Applied SciencesDouble degree program and research2011until nowCan provide knowledge exchange and provide international class graduates with double degrees
2Hochschule Wismar University of Applied SciencesJoint Research, Student and Lecturer Exchange Program2012until nowIncrease the capacity of lecturers and students in conducting joint research activities and public services on an international scale
3National Maritime Research InstituteInformation exchange, student exchange and joint research in maritime sector20152020Can provide knowledge exchange in maritime sectors and Indonesian maritime development for the future
4IMarEST (Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology)Collaboration in seminars, training and conferences1992until nowMaking DMarE the center of cooperation with IMarEST for eastern Indonesia, and 8 DMarE lecturers have become charter engineers and internationally recognized
5Hiroshima UniversityPromotion of joint research; Exchange of faculty members and administrative staff; Exchange of undergraduate and graduate student; Exchange of research outcomes, academic publications, and other academic information20142019Can provide knowledge exchange in research, exchange of staff and students, as well as publication and exchange of academic information
6Kumamoto UniversityTo provide ITS students and scholars with information on Japan and KU; to network KU’s alumni and affiliates in Indonesia; to assist KU to look for Indonesian students including local support for the Japan study aboard fair20152020Can provide exchange of knowledge in research, and student exchanges between ITS and KU
7National Institute of Technology Niihama College, JapanExchange staff and students, exchange academic material, conduct joint research20162021Can provide exchange of knowledge in research, exchange of staff and students, and exchange of academic information
8Osaka UniversityConduct student exchanges, exchange academic material, conduct joint research20162021Can provide exchange of knowledge in research, student exchanges, and exchange of academic information

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