Marine Manufacturing Design

Marine Manufacturing and Design

Marine Manufacturing Design Laboratory is focusing on floating structure design such as ships and offshore structure. This lab is supported with computer and licensed software and it also can be used for all academician in the department. This Laboratory also makes a prototype and lab-scale model based on the result of the Lab activities.

– Design of Floating Structure (Ship and Rig)
– Marine Renewable Energy
– Strength and Stress Material Analysis

Ir. Amiadji, M.Sc.

Irfan Syarief Arief, S.T., M.T.
Edi Jadmiko, S.T., M.T.
Dr. Achmad Baidowi, ST., MT.
Sunarsih, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D.

Software training each semester in order to support Engineering Drawing Course and also for Bachelor Thesis.

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