Premier, Seatrans ITS 122nd Judicial Title Online

Tue, 08 Sep 2020
7:44 am
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Dosen Seatrans ITS Beratribut Daerah dalam Yudisium ke-122 DTTL yang dilakukan secara daring, Selasa (8/9)

Lecturer seatrans ITS Attributed regions in the 122nd Judiciary DTTL conducted online, Tuesday (8/9)

ITS Campus, Seatrans News — The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic requires its Ministry of Marine Transportation Engineering (DTTL) to hold the 122nd Judiciary online, Tuesday (8/9). Interestingly, the lecturers appreciated the prospective graduates in traditional dress and broadcast it live through the Youtube platform.

Dr. Ing Ir Setyo Nugroho, Head of department with the nickname Seatrans mentioned, the attributes of the area imposed by lecturers are intended to add the privilege of yudisium this time. “We appreciate the prospective graduates who have successfully graduated with all the limitations that exist today,” he explained.

The TU Berlin alumnus also told prospective graduates that as a scholar, graduates should be able to take responsibility for everything they do. “The maximum freedom you have gained during your time as a student, now you have to be ready if you will talk about your actions later,” said the lecturer who is familiarly called Setyo while joking.

The 122nd Judiciary DTTL was attended by 18 graduate candidates, two of whom won cum laude. It was Samuel Alan Darmasaputra and Izzuddin Baqi from the class of 2016 who successfully graduated with cumulative achievement index (GPA) of 3.65 and 3.58, respectively.

Photo With Lecturers and Participants of Yudicium 122 Department of Marine Transportation Engineering

The eighteen prospective graduates were given the opportunity to express their gratitude, gratitude, and impressions and messages during the study directly in the Judiciary which can be witnessed by the parents of prospective graduates directly through this Youtube platform.

Samuel, cum laude who is also the youngest graduate candidate in the Judiciary, said that his success was not separated from the support of lecturers and those around him. “I went through so many processes of being better than I am as a freshman today, thanks to Mr. Ibu dosen, my parents, and friends,” he said. (Seatrans Public Relations)

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