Towards New Normal, ITS Seatrans Take Part in Collaborative Research with Balitbang Transportation

Wed, 03 Jun 2020
7:13 am
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Seminar collaboration responds to pandemic impact of Covid-19 and Recovery strategy towards New Normal by 4 PTN (ITS, UI, UGM, ITB) with Balitbang Transportation Kemenhub RI

ITS Campus, Seatrans News — prepares a study of the marine transport sector, the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering (DTTL) of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), also involved in multidisciplinary research collaborations. As part of the maritime campus, DTTL and six other departments in ITS preparing for the strategy faced a new normal life order (new normal) with the Agency for Research and Development (Balitbang) of the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) of the Republic of Indonesia.

The collaboration inaugurated by signing a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Tuesday (2/6) was cooperates with four public universities (PTN) at the same time. ITS collaborated with Universitas Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University, and Institut Teknologi Bandung. Through an online seminar titled Collaboration on the Impact of pandemic Covid-19 and Recovery strategy on the New Normal order of life in the transportation sector, the general description of each study will be presented.

Delivered by Ir. Tri Achmadi, Ph.D., research conducted by ITS team involves four laboratories at once. “Our team as a whole consists of 25 experts from seven departments,” he added. Nine of the 25 members mentioned were DTTL lecturers.

Research cooperation framework responds to impact pandemic Covid-19 and Recovery strategy towards New Normal by ITS team with Balitbang Transportation Kemenhub RI

“There are six studies grouped in four clusters will be developed by DTTL with ITS team,” said the man who is familiarly called Tri. The six studies, obviously Tri, were conducted to evaluate and mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the sea, rivers, lakes and crossings (LSDP) sectors. Not only that, the research also aims to make a study on risk mitigation and recovery strategy for LSDP sub-sector transportation.

In the first cluster, associated with the impact analysis of the Covid-19 pandemic, the team raised a study titled Analysis and Evaluation of the impact of pandemic Covid-19 on the sea, river and crossing Sub sectors. Dika Virginia Devintasari, S.Si, M.Sc., one of the DTTL lecturers was involved in the study with three lecturers from other departments.

While on the second cluster, regarding the mitigation of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the ITS team created two studies at once. The three lecturers of DTTL, Ir. Tri Achmadi, Ph.D., Firmanto Hadi, S.T., M.Sc., and Irwan Tri Yunianto, S.T., M.T. conducted a review of the effectiveness of the regulations issued by Kemenhub. Research conducted titled Effectiveness of PM. 18 and PM. 25, effectiveness review of PM. 18 year 2020 and PM. 25 year 2020 to suppress the spread of Covid-19.

Still included in the second cluster, in the field of humanitarian logistics, Hasan Iqbal Nur, S.T., M.T. participated in the study titled Human Logistics Studies on the mode of transportation of sea, rivers and crossings with three other experts.

Furthermore, in the third cluster, related to the risk-prevention of Covid-19 pandemic to the LSDP transport sector, there are two studies. Two DTTL lecturers, Achmad Mustakim, S.T., M.T., MBA, and Eka Wahyu Ardhi, S.T., M.T. are involved in the study titled the Resilience Study of the marine transport mode Operator and the SDP due to pandemic Covid-19. While Pratiwi Wuryaningrum, S.T., M.T. took part in the study of the survey impact policy of PSBB Java region in the region outside Java through the mode of transportation of sea, river and crossing.

While in the last cluster, related to the restoration of sub-sector transportation of sea, rivers, lakes and crossings, there is a study titled Economic Stimulus Policy Review for the restoration of Sub-sectors of the sea, rivers and crossings involving Dr.-Ing. He. The study discusses new protocols and economic stimulus policies to run LSDP sub-sectors.

Ending the exposure to the research plan, Ir. Tri Achmadi said that to prepare a good new normal setting of life, it is necessary to find a point of equilibrium between health and economics. It conveys, the bridge between the two is technology. “Health, economics and technology are then translated into a protocol, which also meets the requirements of WHO and IMO,” he concluded. (PR Seatrans)

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