Business Management Student of ITS Conduct Fundraising to Produce MARCOVITS

Wed, 01 Jul 2020
12:56 pm
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Business Management Student of ITS Conduct Fundraising to Produce MARCOVITS


Since the outbreak of the corona virus, face mask become required items for people from all ages. To respond this fact, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) student team under the coordination of ITS Covid-19 Task Force produced scuba face protectors to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the community.

Naufal Hilmy Fauzan, a student of Business Management Department is originator of this program revealed that the produced face masks were not immediately sold, but rather to help the one who give donation to make donation through goods. Naufal explained that the team produce face masks because there were many people who needed to do activities outside their home.

Naufal Hilmy Fauzan (Left) and Arya Anoraga (Right) Show MASCOVITS Products

This program initiated by Naufal along with other five¬† ITS students, including Arya Anoraga, Dea Adivanesa Aura, Baskoro Tirta Nugraha, and Nana Suliyana from the Business Management Department, also Ahmad Syiham Akbar from the Computer Engineering Department. The face mask named MASCOVITS produced by doing cooperation with Cahaya Kumala as one of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Surabaya. Naufal added that the program originated from the idea of It’s B business organizations that was formed in Sociopreneur course from Business Management.

MASCOVITS Sewing Process

Naufal mentioned that there are currrently 7700 masks in production stage. In addition to the large amount of donation from the donors, ITS also donated some funds in this program. “If there are donors who want to order masks, they can contact the contact persons for fundraising program and make donations according to the price of production and shipping costs,” said one of the Business Project Managers at the Business Management Student Association.

Poster to Encourage Donation to Support MASCOVITS Production

The Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Collaboration, Alumni, and International Relations revealed that ITS give donations to cover the operations costs incurred for producing the face masks. He add that the other cost and most of the funds will depend on the number of donations from donors. At the end, Naufal hopes that there will be more people who benefit from the donations. He also hopes that there will be an increase in people awareness of the importance to wear the face masks, especially during pandemic.

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