Thesis Form and Format

Thesis is a 8 credits course that has to be taken by every student of Mathematics Department ITS as a requirement to finish the magister program and to obtain the master degree in Mathematics.

Information of Yudisium

  1. Filling the graduation form (the forms are available at the secretariat).
  2. Latest photo using formal uniform (using suit and tie), black and white, size 3×4 cm on a hubcap photo paper (not glossy) for a diploma (4 sheets), write the name and student identification number (NRP) behind the photo (not boxy or similar), insert those requirements in the plastic.
  3. The latest photocopy of diploma certificate (2 sheets).
  4. Print a draft diploma from the academic information system (2 sheets).
  5. Photocopy of student identification card (KTM).
  6. Print biodata of students from Integra system.
  7. Course Transcripts.
  8. A letter stating that the student has participated in an international conference / international journal (the form can be downloaded).
  9. The draft paper presented in the seminar with a stamp.
  10. Photocopy of International Conference Certificate / a proof that the paper is accepted for publication (accompanied by Volume information and issue number)
  11. TOEFL Certificate with score >= 477 (original).
  12. Photocopy of the thesis validation sheet.
  13. Supervision form.
  14. Certificate of Authenticity of the Thesis (the form can be downloaded).
  15. Receipt of Thesis Book Submission (form can be downloaded).
  16. A letter showing that the student has no problems with the central library.
  17. Photocopy of Graduation Candidate Form
  18. Print the proof of Uploading File in SIAMAT system
  19. Thesis Book.
  20. CD contains a draft thesis and a scan of the files for the yudisium.


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