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The Mathematics Department was established in 1965 as part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences (FIPIA). The faculty has undergone a few changes: it was renamed the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA). In 2016, ITS changed its status become a Legal Entity State University consisting of several faculties with several departments in accordance with the scientific family. In September 2017, FMIPA was divided into two faculties namely the Faculty of Natural Sciences (FIA) and the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Data Science (FMKSD). Since then the Mathematics Department has integrated to the FMKSD along with the Statistics Department.

The Mathematics Department has produced Bachelor and Masters graduates who mostly pursue their careers in education (advanced studies, teachers, lecturers), finance, information technology, government, consultants, logistics, and others. In line with this, ITS launched the addition of the quantity and quality of postgraduate program students as one of the important elements to support the World Class University (WCU) program. Based on these factors, the Mathematics Department has desired to contribute for the development of human resources by holding a Doctoral study program. The existence of a Doctoral Study Program in the Mathematics Department is expected to provide new discourses and opportunities for prospective students to take the Mathematics Doctoral program


Industrial Standardization as a provision for quality alumni

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