Study Program

Center for Internationally Based Research and Reputable Mathematics Education

At this time, the Department of Mathematics has 3 (three) study programs, namely

  • Mathematics Undergraduate Study Program (S1) with Accreditation A,
  • Master of Mathematics Study Program (S2) with Accreditation A,
  • Mathematics Doctoral Study Program (S3) with Good Accreditation.

Mathematics Department has 44 lecturers with the following distribution of education:

  • There are 6 (six) Professors with Area of Expertise in the following fields;
    • Prof. Dr. Drs. Mohammad Isa Irawan, M.T. Area of ​​Expertise – Machine Learning,
    • Prof. Drs. Basuki Widodo, M.Sc., Ph.D. Area of ​​Expertise – Mathematical Modeling,
    • Prof. Dr. Drs. Chairul Imron, MI. Komp. Area of ​​Expertise – Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation,
    • Prof. Dr. Subiono, M.Sc. Areas of Expertise – Max Plus Algebra, and
    • Prof. Dr. Dra. Mardlijah, M.T. Area of ​​Expertise – Applied Mathematics.
    • Prof. Subchan,, M.Sc, Ph.D Bidang Keahlian – Optimasi Sistem
  • Number of Doctors with the rank of Assoc. Professors 8 people,
  • The number of Assistant Professors is 7 people and Expert Assistants are 4 people.

To support the establishment of ITS PSDM, 5 (five) Professors and 8 (eight) Lecturers with the title Assoc. Professors are given the task to develop ITS PSDM.
By still referring to Permenristekdikti No. 44 of 2015, the average number of students who can be mentored by each lecturer, for the undergraduate program is 20 people, the master program is 1 person, and the doctoral program is 2 people.

At PSDM ITS, there are three areas of interest, namely Analysis and Algebra, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science


Increase student knowledge with the world of industry

The Mathematics Department often conducts workshops and guest lectures from both alumni and speakers  from within and outside the country in hopes of providing students with insight when entering the workforce.

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