Seminar Room

The Meeting room is one of the facilities provided by ITS Mathematics Department for students and the academics which is usually used for Final Project / Thesis examinations, Department meetings, Workshops etc. All meeting rooms in the Mathematics Department are equipped with LCD Projector, AC, and Wifi to support the activities.

Besides as a teaching and learning process, meeting room in Mathematics Department can also be used for other activities such as: guest lectures, competitions, student activities etc. The student / activity committee who will use the meeting room must submit a loan application letter. Below is a loan procedure of Mathematics Department meeting room :

  1. The applicant makes a letter to the Head of Department according to the purpose
  2. Copy to the head of the Subdivision to see the activity schedule in the R. Session.
  3. Head of Subdivision assigns educational staff to oversee the use of room and its purpose in accordance with the proposal of the applicant’s letter.
  4. The staff is responsible for the assignment given (cleanliness, equipment, etc.)

U Seminar Room

  1. Normal capacity 50
  2. AC room
  3. LCD Projector
  4. Wifi

T Seminar Room

  1. Normal capacity 30
  2. AC room
  3. LCD Projector
  4. Wifi
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