Vision and Mission

Vision of Department of Mathematic

To be a department with International reputation in mathematics, computing and its applications to supporting science and technology especially in industrial, energi, marine, finance and information technology which is environmentally friendly.

Mission of Department of Mathematics

  1. To organize education in mathematics based of information and communication technology to produce graduates who believe in god, have an international quality, have competency accourding to the job market needs, are responsive to development of science and technology and have knowledge in entrepreneurship.
  2. To increase the quality of research in mathematics and its applications in national and international level to support science and technology especially in industrial, energy, marine, financial and information technology that is environmentally firendly.
  3. To increase community service activity in order to disseminate mathematics and its applications.
  4. To develop network and synergy with domestic and foreign universities, community and government in organizing the Tri dharma higher education in mathematics and its applications.
  5. To increase competency of lecturers and staffs to more creative and professional to carry out the tasks
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