Study Program

Research-Based and International Architectural Education Center


Carrying out research-based architectural curriculum that delivers graduates with critical thinking, creative, visionary and adaptive skills.


The students will graduate with the ability to apply and develop science, technology, and arts in the field of architecture, especially in terms of Housing and Settlements, Tropical Architecture, Nusantara Architecture (Indonesian Classical Architecture) and Computer-based Design, through international level research activities; solving problems in their area of expertise; and pursue professional performance through research and other academic activities.



1. Devoted to One All Mighty God and capable of maintaining religiosity and showing respect the value of humanity.
2. Capable of participating and contributing to environmental sustainability, quality of society, nationalism, citizenship and civilization which are based on law and the national fundamental principles of Indonesia (Pancasila).
3. Capable of showing respect on academic ethic, norm and value, responsibility, independence, perseverance, value of entrepreneurship and teamwork.
4. Capable of implementing scientific, creative, and design thinking, and conducting original architectural studies and design in the form of design project and/or research’s report.
5. Capable of demonstrating qualified and measurable works, conducting self-evaluation and supervision, and establishing network in the national and international levels.
6. Capable of mastering theoretical concepts of architecture, architectural design, building structural system and services.
7. Capable of mastering principles of architectural design and design method.
8. Capable of mastering principles of building science and technology, landscape, urban planning and design, housing & settlement and ecology that put reference on local context.
9. Capable of mastering architectural communication and presentation techniques.
10. Capable of making concept of architectural design that integrates the study on local environment and behavior, technical aspects and architectural values.
11. Capable of independently designing a research-based architecture, and producing creative, contextual and theoretically valid architectural works.
12. Capable of communicatively presenting architectural thoughts and design in the form of oral presentation, writing, manual and digital graphic works and models.
13. Capable of utilizing design knowledge within the scope of building construction and supervision.


Standardization of the industry as a potential qualified alumni

Start develop themselves by following the various programs which provide the readiness of facing the real world works and certification that is recognized internationally.