Greetings from Head of Department

Greetings from Head of Department

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

First of all, praise be to ALLAH SWT for His grace and gifts so that the Department of Architecture has succeeded in various achievements and continues to contribute to the advancement of science and technology in Indonesia since 1965. The Department of Architecture believes that with the education that has been obtained at ITS, students and graduates can develop knowledge and produce distinctive and innovative architectural ideas in solving problems and challenges such as climate change, pandemics, limited natural resources, and various issues of inequality in the educational, economic, and social in the global society. To face these challenges, we will continue to provide the best education by combining the speed of information technology while maintaining the good traditions and manners that strengthen students character. With this ability, graduates of Department of Architecture ITS will have high self-confidence and competitiveness in a wider role.

Currently our Department of Architecture has approximately 36 teachers and 16 staff, with 5 main laboratories managing various research areas in the field of architecture (design, science-technology, historical-theory-criticism, housing-settlement, and urban planning). In line with the commitment of the Department of Architecture in providing the best service for the community and high quality of architectural education, we provide information and data support needed by the academic community, alumni and the wider community through website and online class system which can be accessed from anywhere. Thus, the public will get clear and accurate information from the original source. In addition, people can get information quickly so that they can keep up with the rapid developments of knowledge.

Finally, I hope that the Department of Architecture ITS will be increasingly recognized globally through the network of information, communication between the academic community, the community and alumni who will get better with the presence of this website and online system.

Thus, we invite you to be part of and join the Department of Architecture ITS in facing a better and more sustainable future.
Thank you.

Head of the Department of Architecture for the Period 2020-2024

Dewi Septanti, S.Pd, ST, MT, Ph.D