Architecture Major of ITS was founded by a group of professional architects in 1965. In September 1, 1965, the Architecture Major was named as Faculty of Architectural Engineering and administratively under ITS. Based on Government Decree No. 5 of 1980 which regulates the structure and organization of higher education in Indonesia, its status changed to the Architecture Major in 1983. The name of the Architecture Major was changed to the Architecture Department in 2017 in line with the change of ITS status to a Legal Entity State University (PTN-BH).

The establishment of the Architecture Major in 1965 was driven by:
– Two decades since Indonesia’s independence, there is only one university majoring in Architecture in Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology
– Lack number of architects for building construction in Indonesia
– The development of the Surabaya City as the second largest city in Indonesia and a center for the development of Eastern Indonesia.

ITS architecture education at the beginning of its establishment was taken within five years with a study load of 180 credits. This system was refined in 1975, where the study period changed to nine semesters with a study load of 160 credits. Consideration of educational efficiency in 1994 resulted in changes back in the study period of architectural education at ITS. Starting in 1994, architectural education was pursued in eight semesters with a study load of 144 credits.

The Architecture Major graduated its first batch in 1974. The first graduation numbered two students and the next generation graduates were seven students. The number of graduates from the Architecture Department continues to increase every year. Until 2019 at the 119th graduation, the Architecture Department has graduated a total of 4,280 students, of which 3308 students of Bachelor, 74 students from the Architectural Education Professional program, 849 students from the Master, and 49 students from the Doctoral program. ITS Architecture Department graduates have spread throughout Indonesia and abroad and have taken part in various fields such as professional architects, government, education, construction services, industry, etc.

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