Undergraduate (Bachelor)

Undergraduate Degree


To become a research-based institution in architectural higher education, which raises local potential and competitiveness at the international level.



Mission in education:
Establishes international level of architectural education with curriculum and learning methods that maximize the use of latest advanced technology and local wisdom to delivers graduates who are able to think critically, creatively, visionary and adaptively to the globalization.

Research mission:
Conduct research and development of science, technology and design in the field of Tropical Architecture which has excellence in solving international environmental, cultural and humanitarian problems.

Mission in community service:
Applying the results of scientific work, technology and design in the field of architecture with orientation to solving community problems.

Management mission:
Carrying out the management of Architecture Department with the principles of: Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independence, and Justice, as well as developing networks to synergize the universities, industry, society, and the government in carrying out educational, research and community service activities in the field of architecture.



Carrying out research-based architectural education that delivers graduates with critical, creative, visionary and adaptive abilities.

Curriculum Structure of 2014-2019 can be downloaded here.

Curriculum Structure 2018-2023 can be downloaded here.

There are 9 expertise areas in the Architecture Department, including:

  1. Architecture Theory, History & Criticism
  2. Architecture Design Planning
  3. Architectural Technology / Engineering
  4. Professional and Social Practice
  5. Visual Arts and Design Computing
  6. Urban Design / Planning
  7. Housing and Human Settlement Studies
  8. Landscape Architecture
  9. Environment and Behavior Studies / Environmental Design