Vocational Undergraduate

The selection for Vocational Bachelor Program in Applied Undergraduate is a selection of new student admissions for the Diploma-IV education program. In accordance with Presidential Decree (Peraturan Presiden) No. 8 of 2012 concerning the KKNI (Indonesian National Qualifications Framework) and the Circular Letter of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 498/E/T/2011 that graduates of the Applied Bachelor program (Diploma-IV) are equivalent to graduates of the S1 program, with a minimum credit load of 144 credits and taken within 4 (four) years. If the S1 program is an academic education program and is oriented to the development of knowledge, the Applied Bachelor program is an education oriented to the application of knowledge with the main objective of preparing graduates to have work-ready competencies. Graduates of this program will receive a bachelor’s degree in Applied Engineering (S.Tr.T.) for a study program in the field of technology and a Bachelor of Applied Statistics (S.Tr.Stat.) for a study program in Business Statistics.

The Applied Undergraduate education program consists of 40% for theoretical activities and 60% for practical activities, such as responses, assistance, laboratory and/or field practice, as well as work internships for 1 (one) semester, both inside and outside the field. overseas. This curriculum is very suitable for high school/vocational high school graduates who prefer things that are applied or applicable and want to work immediately after completing their studies.

Vocational Undergraduate Majors at ITS

The applied (vocational) undergraduate program in ITS provides 8 choices of major under the auspices of the Faculty of Vocation. The applied undergraduate program is taken for four years with a minimum credit load of 144 credits.

Important Dates

Selection Schedule

Activities Date
Registration June 9 – July 13, 2022
Academic Test* July 2, 16, and 17, 2022
Announcement July 22, 2022
Reregistration July 27 – 29, 2022

*) For registrants who choose to take the test


Regular Vocational Undergraduate Selection

ITS opens the Applied (Vocational) Undergraduate in regular program through 3 admission selections. This program is intended for graduates of high school/equivalent. The Applied (Vocational) Undergraduate in regular program is full-time undergraduate program taken within 4 years with the obligation to complete a minimum of 144 credits of education. For prospective students from high school/equivalent, ITS also offers Bachelor Programs (for regular academic education) and International Bachelor Programs (for international academic education).

Extension Programme Selection for Vocational Undergraduate

ITS opens 2 lines for new student admissions for the RPL or Extension in the Applied (Vocational) Undergraduate Programme. This programme is intended for college students/graduates who require to continue their studies with learning outcomes obtained from formal, non-formal, or informal education, and/or work experience into formal education. This programme is pursued with a study period according to the credits that have been achieved.

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