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The academic year is divided into two semesters, which will be started on:

Fall Semester 2024 : 26 August – 13 December 2024

Application deadline: 31 May 2024


Spring Semester 2025 : 24 February – 20 June 2025

Application Deadline : 15 October 2024




Studying abroad will be an interesting and exciting experience in your life. Your study period will bring you more than study credits. You will learn to study and work with students of different nationalities and you will have to express yourself in a foreign language while experiencing a different culture. ITS welcomes prospective students to join the Student Exchange program organized for Undergraduate/Bachelor (S1), Master (S2), and Doctoral (S3).

Students at ITS’s partner universities may be eligible to come to Surabaya to study for one or two semesters on the Student Exchange Program without paying tuition fees (please check with ITS International Office for a particular agreement between ITS and partner universities). Under the reciprocal agreement, students may be eligible for a free dormitory during their stay at ITS. The list of specific courses in English could be checked here  and the syllabus on here

ITS regularly receives applications from exchange students every semester. The semester in ITS begins in February for Spring/Even semester and in August for Fall/Odd semester. As the students will join regular courses, the students are expected to send the application for the exchange program to ITS at least three months in advance prior to the commencement date. Under this regular exchange program, there will be no financial support from ITS. The students are responsible for any costs for the program. However, we will assist the students to secure their accommodation for the first time. The students coming from our partner university will be given priority to stay in the University Guest House or Dormitory. The following is the schedule for the exchange program.

Please refer to the following information for details of the exchange program:



          (*) Forms could be downloaded in this page


More Information:

Ms. Desy Kurniawati

intladmission@its.ac.id / +62 315923411

Why Do You Need to Join?

Studying abroad will be an interesting and exciting experience in your life. But unfortunately during this Covid-19 pandemic period, physical international mobility is restricted. But don’t worry, we will bring you to the “new normal” model of student exchange at ITS. You will learn to study and work with students of different nationalities and you will have to express yourself in a foreign language while experiencing a different culture by various online platforms. ITS welcomes prospective student to join e-Exchange program organized to  Undergraduate/Bachelor (S1), Master (S2), and Doctoral (S3).

Students at ITS’s partner universities may be eligible to join  one semester e-Exchange Program without paying tuition fees (please check with ITS International Office for particular agreement between ITS and partner universities).

Application Timeline

Application Deadline: 18 July 2022

Semester Period

Fall Semester 2022: 29 August  – 16 December 2022


  • Tuition Fee waived
  • Online transcript
  • e-Exchange certificate
  • Online cultural immersion
  • Win a change of 5 full and 2 partial scholarships for CommTECH 2024 in Indonesia for the top participants of online student mobility at ITS on Fall 2022 (it will be selected based on final grade and participation in online cultural activity)

Terms and condition for scholarship:

  • 5 full scholarships eligible for students who take 3 or more courses
  • 2 partial scholarships eligible for students who take 1 or 2 courses
  • Fun Indonesia Language courses could be count as 1 courses


The following is a list of departments available for e-exchange:

  1. Architecture
  2. Biology
  3. Interior Design
  4. Informatics
  5. Business Management
  6. Technology Management
  7. Mathematics
  8. Urban and Regional Planning
  9. Statistics
  10. Business Statistics
  11. Development Studies
  12. Biomedical Engineering
  13. Electrical Engineering
  14. Automation Electronic Engineering
  15. Engineering Physics
  16. Geomatics Engineering
  17. Geophysics Engineering
  18. Instrumentation Engineering
  19. Ocean Engineering
  20. Environmental Engineering
  21. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
  22. Mechanical Engineering
  23. Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering
  24. Civil Engineering
  25. Marine Engineering
  26. Information Technology
  27. Sea Transportation Engineering

Apply Now

  • If you are a prospective student, please kindly send us an notification email of your interest to intladmission@its.ac.id after you make an account in SIMAD (below button)
  • If you are partner university International Office/Professor who would like to nominate your students, please kindly send us email to intladmission@its.ac.id and attached filled nomination form [clik here]
  • https://www.its.ac.id/international/wp-content/uploads/sites/66/2022/07/e-Exchange-723×1024-01.jpg
Online Application (SIMAD)



Guide Book

Download Statement Letter (Behavior and Funding Commitment Form)
Download Student Exchange Course Form

Most Outstanding Participants Fall 2022

Contact Us

If you have any questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Ms. Desy Kurniawati

intladmission@its.ac.id / +62 315923411

Online Courses List

You may mix the courses between departments

BiologyPhysiology and Development3MasterFall
BiologyAnimal physiology4BachelorFall
BiologyIndustrial microbiology3BachelorFall
BiologyMicrobial physiology3BachelorFall
BiologyMarine microbiology2BachelorFall
BiologyMarine Invertebrates3BachelorSpring
BiologyPest and Fish Disease3BachelorSpring
BiologyMolecular Biology3BachelorSpring
BiologyFood Microbiology2BachelorSpring
BiologyTropical Forest Ecology2BachelorSpring
BiologyBiology of Coral3BachelorSpring
BiologyMarine Biology4BachelorSpring
MathematicsMathematical Statistics3BachelorFall
MathematicsIntroduction to Financial Mathematics2BachelorFall
MathematicsIntroduction to Dynamics Optimization2BachelorFall
MathematicsSimulation Techniques3BachelorFall
MathematicsOperation Research 13BachelorFall
MathematicsDynamics Optimization3MasterFall
MathematicsRisk Analysis3MasterFall
MathematicsNumerical Methods3BachelorSpring
MathematicsOperations Research 23BachelorSpring
MathematicsMathematical Software3BachelorSpring
MathematicsDynamical Optimization3MasterSpring
MathematicsRisk Analysis3MasterSpring
StatisticsStatistical Machine Learning3MasterFall
Electrical EngineeringIntroduction to Electrical Technology2BachelorFall
Electrical EngineeringElectronic Circuits3BachelorFall
Electrical EngineeringElectromagnetic Fields4BachelorFall
Electrical EngineeringProbability, Statistics, and Stochastic Processes4BachelorFall
Electrical EngineeringAdvanced Electric Circuits3BachelorFall
Electrical EngineeringBasic Programming2BachelorFall
Electrical EngineeringIntroduction to Power System3BachelorFall
Electrical EngineeringSignal and System3BachelorFall
Electrical EngineeringScientific Writing2MasterFall
Electrical EngineeringPower Electronics Converter3MasterFall
Electrical EngineeringSmart Grid3MasterFall
Electrical EngineeringTransient Stability of Power System2MasterFall
Electrical EngineeringPower System Apparatus Diagnosis3MasterFall
Electrical EngineeringPower Quality Conditioning2MasterFall
Electrical EngineeringElectronic Circuits3BachelorSpring
Electrical EngineeringElectromagnetic Fields4BachelorSpring
Electrical EngineeringProbability, Statistics, and Stochastic Processes4BachelorSpring
Electrical EngineeringAdvanced Electric Circuits3BachelorSpring
Electrical EngineeringBasic Programming2BachelorSpring
Electrical EngineeringScientific Writing2MasterSpring
Electrical EngineeringSmart Grid3MasterSpring
Electrical EngineeringTransient Stability of Power System2MasterSpring
Electrical EngineeringPower System Apparatus Diagnosis3MasterSpring
Electrical EngineeringDigital and Microprocessor Systems4BachelorSpring
Electrical EngineeringDigital Signal Processing3BachelorSpring
Electrical EngineeringIntroduction to Control Systems3BachelorSpring
Electrical EngineeringBasic Laboratory of Electricity and Telecommunication Systems3BachelorSpring
Electrical EngineeringElectric Energy Storage Devices3Master Spring
Biomedical EngineeringBiocybernetics3BachelorFall
Biomedical EngineeringFundamentals of Intelligent Systems3BachelorSpring
Information SystemBusiness Process Management4BachelorFall
Information SystemWeb Programming3BachelorFall
Information SystemDatabase System4BachelorFall
Information SystemLogic and Discrete Structures2BachelorFall
Information SystemInformation System Concepts2BachelorFall
Information SystemStatistics3BachelorFall
Information SystemDatabase System4BachelorFall
Information SystemIT Process & Management3BachelorFall
Information SystemSoftware Requirement Engineering3BachelorFall
Information SystemOperation Research3BachelorFall
Information SystemBusiness Intelligence4BachelorFall
Information SystemIT Service Management3BachelorFall
Information SystemSoftware Deployment3BachelorFall
Information SystemIT Strategic Planning3BachelorFall
Information SystemIT Evaluation & Audit4BachelorFall
Information SystemUser Experience Design3BachelorFall
Information SystemBusiness Analytics4BachelorFall
Information SystemAlgorithm and Programming3BachelorSpring
Information SystemOrganization and Functional Business3BachelorSpring
Information SystemComputer Network Management & Design3BachelorSpring
Information SystemBusiness Intelligence4BachelorSpring
Information SystemIT Project Management4BachelorSpring
Information SystemSoftware Requirement Engineering4BachelorSpring
Information SystemOperation Research3BachelorSpring
Information SystemEnterprise Systems4BachelorSpring
Information SystemStatistics3BachelorSpring
Mechanical EngineeringHeat Transfer4BachelorFall
Mechanical EngineeringThermodynamic 13BachelorFall
Mechanical EngineeringMachine Element 23BachelorFall
Mechanical EngineeringBasic Fluid Mechanics 12BachelorFall
Mechanical EngineeringEngineering Kinematics and Dynamics4BachelorFall
Mechanical EngineeringNumerical Analysis3BachelorFall
Mechanical EngineeringEngineering Mathematics3BachelorFall
Mechanical EngineeringMechanics and Strenght of Materials3BachelorFall
Mechanical EngineeringMetalurrgy 13BachelorFall
Mechanical EngineeringIntroduction to Mechanical Engineering2BachelorFall
Mechanical EngineeringDynamic System and Control4BachelorFall
Mechanical EngineeringInstrumentation and Measurement 4BachelorSpring
Mechanical EngineeringThermodynamics 22BachelorSpring
Mechanical EngineeringMachine Element 13BachelorSpring
Mechanical EngineeringBasic Fluid Mechanics 23BachelorSpring
Mechanical EngineeringStatics3BachelorSpring
Mechanical EngineeringMechanics System of Vibration3BachelorSpring
Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Drawing3BachelorSpring
Mechanical EngineeringEnergy Conversion Machines3BachelorSpring
Mechanical EngineeringMetallurgy 23BachelorSpring
Mechanical EngineeringProgramming Algorithm 2BachelorSpring
Physics EngineeringFluid Mechanics3BachelorFall
Physics EngineeringAerodynamics2BachelorFall
Physics EngineeringComputer Programming2BachelorSpring
Physics EngineeringThermodynamics3BachelorSpring
Industrial and Systems EngineeringQuality Control Engineering3BachelorFall
Industrial and Systems EngineeringProduction Planning and Inventory Control3BachelorFall
Industrial and Systems EngineeringSupply Chain Management3BachelorFall
Industrial and Systems EngineeringIndustrial Ergonomi3BachelorFall
Industrial and Systems EngineeringProduct Development and Design3BachelorFall
Industrial and Systems EngineeringIndustrial Ecology2BachelorFall
Industrial and Systems EngineeringCost Analysis and Estimation3BachelorFall
Industrial and Systems EngineeringIndustrial System Simulation3BachelorFall
Industrial and Systems EngineeringOperations Research 13BachelorFall
Industrial and Systems EngineeringProject Management3BachelorFall
Industrial and Systems EngineeringIntroduction to Economics3BachelorFall
Industrial and Systems EngineeringIntroduction to Industrial and Sytems Engineering2BachelorFall
Industrial and Systems EngineeringEngineering Statistics 13BachelorSpring
Industrial and Systems EngineeringOperations Research 23BachelorSpring
Industrial and Systems EngineeringSystem Modeling3BachelorSpring
Industrial and Systems EngineeringEngineering Drawing2BachelorSpring
Industrial and Systems EngineeringIndustrial Automation3BachelorSpring
Industrial and Systems EngineeringMaintenance and Reliability Engineering3BachelorSpring
Industrial and Systems EngineeringFacility Design3BachelorSpring
Industrial and Systems EngineeringEngineering Economy3BachelorSpring
Industrial and Systems EngineeringLogistics System3BachelorSpring
Industrial and Systems EngineeringManufacturing System3BachelorSpring
Industrial and Systems EngineeringOrganization and Human Resource Management3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringMetallurgy 13BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringAdvanced Engineering Mathematics3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringCeramics and Glass Materials3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringFracture Mechanics and Failure Analysis3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringHealth and Safety Environment3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringHeat Treatment3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringCasting Technology3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringDeformation and Forming Processes3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringPolymeric Materials3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringComputer programming3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringExtractive Metallurgy and Refining3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringProduction Management4BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringComposite Materials3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringNon Destructive and Risk Based Inspection3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringPhase Diagram Transformation3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringIntroduction to Materials and Metallurgical Engineering2BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringMaterials Thermodynamics3BachelorFall
Materials EngineeringNanomaterials Technology/Advanced Material3MasterFall
Materials EngineeringElectronic Materials3MasterFall
Materials EngineeringMechanic of composite materials3MasterFall
Materials EngineeringExtractive Metallurgy3MasterFall
Materials EngineeringEngineering Drawings3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringMaterials Chemistry 3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringMaterials Characterization3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringCorrosion and Corrosion Control 3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringManufacturing Process 3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringMetallurgy 2 3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringNumerical Analysis and Modeling3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringStatistics and Experimental Design3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringPolymer Materials3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringIron and Steel Making3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringWelding Technology 3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringFinite Element Method3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringTransport Phenomena4BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringIndustrial Process Design 3BachelorSpring
Materials EngineeringAdvanced Materials3MasterSpring
Civil EngineeringBasic Statistic2BachelorFall
Civil EngineeringStatically Determinate Structure3BachelorFall
Civil EngineeringFluid Mechanics and Hydraulics4BachelorFall
Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering Drawing3BachelorFall
Civil EngineeringModelling And Analysis Of Structure3BachelorFall
Civil EngineeringTransportation and Traffic Design3BachelorFall
Civil EngineeringBuilding Material Technology4BachelorFall
Civil EngineeringConcrete Structure3BachelorFall
Civil EngineeringEmbankment And Earth Retaining Structure5BachelorFall
Civil EngineeringAirport Planning and Design2BachelorFall
Civil EngineeringDuctile Steel Structures3BachelorFall
Civil EngineeringMechanic of Materials3BachelorSpring
Civil EngineeringSteel Structure Element3BachelorSpring
Civil EngineeringConcrete Structure Element3BachelorSpring
Civil EngineeringHydrology3BachelorSpring
Civil EngineeringRailway Engineering2BachelorSpring
Civil EngineeringConstruction Management2BachelorSpring
Civil EngineeringSoil Mechanic and Foundation4MasterSpring
Civil EngineeringStructural Dynamics3MasterSpring
Civil EngineeringFinite Element Methods3MasterSpring
Civil EngineeringTheory of Elasticity3MasterSpring
Environmental EngineeringAir Pollution and Climate Change3BachelorFall
Environmental EngineeringWater Resources Management3BachelorFall
Environmental EngineeringHazardous Waste Management3BachelorFall
Environmental EngineeringCommunity-based Sanitation2BachelorFall
Environmental EngineeringPhysico -chemical Unit Processes in Environmental Engineering3BachelorSpring
Geomatics EngineeringMarine and Coastal Management3BachelorFall
Geomatics EngineeringHydrographic Survey3BachelorFall
Geophysical EngineeringIntegrated Field Camp4BachelorFall
Geophysical EngineeringRock Physics4BachelorFall
Geophysical EngineeringPHYSICAL GEOLOGY3BachelorFall
Geophysical EngineeringBASIC ELECTRONICS3BachelorFall
Geophysical EngineeringSEISMOLOGY4BachelorFall
Geophysical EngineeringMATHEMATICAL GEOPHYSICS4BachelorFall
Geophysical EngineeringSTRUCTURAL GEOLOGY3BachelorFall
Geophysical EngineeringSEDIMENTOLOGY AND STRATIGRAPHY3BachelorFall
Geophysical EngineeringTHERMODYNAMICS3BachelorFall
Geophysical EngineeringDigital Data Analysis4BachelorSpring
Geophysical EngineeringGravity and Magnetic Exploration4BachelorSpring
Geophysical EngineeringOre Deposit3BachelorSpring
Geophysical EngineeringGeostatistics3BachelorSpring
Geophysical EngineeringGeodynamics3BachelorSpring
Geophysical EngineeringRock Mechanics3BachelorSpring
Geophysical EngineeringIntroduction to Geospatial Information2BachelorSpring
Geophysical EngineeringGeophysical Computing3BachelorSpring
ArchitectureExperimental Architecture3BachelorFall
ArchitectureContemporary Architecture3BachelorFall
ArchitectureNusantara Architecture3BachelorFall
ArchitectureIntroduction to Housing and Human
ArchitectureArchitectural Ecology3BachelorFall
ArchitectureDesign Method and Research in
ArchitectureIntroduction to Architecture3BachelorFall
ArchitectureArchitectural Science and Technology3BachelorFall
ArchitectureStucture and Construction in Architecture3BachelorFall
ArchitectureProfessional Ethic & Practices2BachelorSpring
ArchitectureBuilding Services3BachelorSpring
ArchitectureArchitectural Theory3BachelorSpring
ArchitectureBasic Structure & Building Construction3BachelorSpring
ArchitectureLandscape Architecture3BachelorSpring
ArchitectureHistory of Architecture3BachelorSpring
ArchitectureIntroduction to Urban Design2BachelorSpring
ArchitectureTropical Arhitecture3BachelorSpring
Marine EngineeringMarine Safety3BachelorFall
Marine EngineeringMaritime Business3BachelorFall
Marine EngineeringFuture and Change in International Legislation2BachelorSpring
Marine EngineeringElectrical Engines & Power Electronics3BachelorSpring
Bussiness ManagementInternational Business3Bachelor-QFall
Bussiness ManagementOperations Management3Bachelor-IUPFall
Bussiness ManagementBusiness Information System3Bachelor-IUPFall
Bussiness ManagementIntroduction to Business Management3Bachelor-IUPFall
Bussiness ManagementIntroduction to Accounting3Bachelor-IUPFall
Bussiness ManagementMicro Economics3Bachelor-IUPFall
Bussiness ManagementOrganizational Design and Behavior3Bachelor-IUPSpring
Development StudiesGender and Development3BachelorFall
Development StudiesEnglish for Development Studies4BachelorFall
Industrial Product DesignApparel Design 13BachelorFall
Industrial Product DesignJewellry Design 13BachelorFall
Industrial Product DesignCar Styling 13BachelorFall
Industrial Product DesignDesign Research4BachelorFall
Industrial Product DesignFurniture Design 13BachelorFall
Industrial Product DesignMedical Design and Engineering 13BachelorFall
Industrial Product DesignDesign Research4BachelorSpring
Industrial Product DesignCar Styling 23BachelorSpring
Industrial Product DesignApparel Design 23BachelorSpring
Industrial Product DesignJewelry Design 23BachelorSpring
Industrial Product DesignFurniture Design 23BachelorSpring
Industrial Product DesignMedical Design and Engineering 23BachelorSpring
Interior DesignInterior Photography3BachelorFall
Interior DesignHome Décor3BachelorSpring

Students' Testimony

“I could say that ITS cared about us very well; we had some excellent classes, social programs, trips, and every time were in an excellent mood. Speaking about Indonesia, during our free time, I visited Lombok, Gili Islands, and Malang – Batu mountains, which always had friendly and calm vibes. Even if you are in one country, you have the opportunity to find so many different cultures, and this is precisely the thing that I love about this country. Thanks, ITS!”


Tereza Semradova (Czech Republic)

“Sixteen weeks, 112 days, this is the time I have spent in Indonesia until now. Sixteen weeks is short, too short to discover the country’s entirety, but long enough to have many experiences. When I summarize my experience in Indonesia, the first thing I want to talk about is people. I feel like Indonesian people are fundamentally kind and welcoming. I met amazing people in every single experience I had during the semester. It has been the place of a lot of first experiences,”

Léa Cruard (France)