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Why Do You Need to Join?

Studying abroad will be an interesting and exciting experience in your life. But unfortunately during this Covid-19 pandemic period, physical international mobility is restricted. But don’t worry, we will bring you to the “new normal” model of student exchange at ITS. You will learn to study and work with students of different nationalities and you will have to express yourself in a foreign language while experiencing a different culture by various online platforms. ITS welcomes prospective student to join e-Exchange program organized to  Undergraduate/Bachelor (S1), Master (S2), and Doctoral (S3).

Students at ITS’s partner universities may be eligible to join  one semester e-Exchange Program without paying tuition fees (please check with ITS International Office for particular agreement between ITS and partner universities).

Application Timeline

Application Deadline: 10 January 2022

Semester Period

Semester Period: February – June 2022


  • Tuition Fee waived
  • Online transcript
  • e-Exchange certificate
  • Online cultural immersion
  • Win a change of 5 full and 2 partial scholarships for CommTECH 2022 in Indonesia for the top participants of online student mobility at ITS on Fall 2021 (it will be selected based on final grade and participation in online cultural activity)

Terms and condition for scholarship:

  • 5 full scholarships eligible for students who take 3 or more courses
  • 2 partial scholarships eligible for students who take 1 or 2 courses
  • Fun Indonesia Language courses could be count as 1 courses

Apply Now

  • If you are a prospective student, please kindly send us an notification email of your interest to intladmission@its.ac.id after you make an account in SIMAD (below button)
  • If you are partner university International Office/Professor who would like to nominate your students, please kindly send us email to intladmission@its.ac.id and attached filled nomination form [clik here]
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Most Outstanding Participants Fall 2021

Contact Us

If you have any questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Ms. Desy Kurniawati

intladmission@its.ac.id / +62 315923411

Online Courses List

You may mix the courses between departments

ChemistryCarbon Material2MasterFriday13:30-15:10
ChemistryNanomaterial for Sensor2MasterMonday09:00-10:40
MathematicsMax-Plus Algebra3MasterTuesday09:00-11:30
MathematicsFormal Verification3MasterMonday09:00-11:30
MathematicsData Assimilation3MasterTuesday07:00-09:30
MathematicsMathematics of Machine Learning3MasterMonday15:00-17:30
MathematicsMathematical Modeling3MasterWednesday15:00-17:30
MathematicsTopics in Mathematical Modeling2MasterWednesday11:00-12:40
MathematicsFinancial Mathematics3MasterTuesday15:00-17:30
MathematicsDynamic Optimization3MasterWednesday10:00-12:30
MathematicsNumerical Computing2MasterTuesday09:00-10:40
MathematicsArtificial Intelligence2BachelorTuesday11:00-12:40
MathematicsData Mining2BachelorWednesday11:00-12:40
MathematicsNumerical Methods2BachelorWednesday09:00-10:40
MathematicsOperational Research3BachelorMonday
MathematicsIntroduction to Dynamic Optimization2BachelorWednesday07:00-08:40
BiologyAnimal physiology4BachelorTuesday15:30-19:30
BiologyTropical Forest Ecology2BachelorFriday15:30-17:30
Electrical EngineeringAdvanced Electric Circuits3Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringIntroduction to Telecommunication Systems and Networks3Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringElectromagnetic Fields4Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringPartial and Ordinary Differential Equations3Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringSignals dan Systems3Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringElectronic Circuits3Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringNumerical Methods3Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringAnalog Circuits3Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringPower System Analysis4Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringElectric Machines4Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringHigh Voltage Engineering3Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringSemiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits4Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringEmbedded Electronic System4Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringSensors and Actuators3Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringControl System Analysis and Design4Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringSystem Automation3Bachelor
Electrical EngineeringOptimization Techniques4Bachelor
Biomedical EngineeringBiomodeling3BachelorThursday1970-01-01 07:00:00
Biomedical EngineeringBiocybernetics3BachelorMonday1970-01-01 15:30:00
Physics EngineeringMeasurement System and Calibration3Bachelor
Geophysics EngineeringIntroduction to Geophysical Engineering2BachelorThursday15.00-17.00
Geophysics EngineeringPhysical Geology3BachelorTuesday07.00-10.00
Geophysics EngineeringFundamental of Electronics3BachelorWednesday13.00-16.00
Geophysics EngineeringRock Physics4BachelorThursday07.00-10.00
Geophysics EngineeringSeismology3BachelorThursday10.00-13.00
Geophysics EngineeringMathematical Geophysics4BachelorThursday13.00-16.00
Geophysics EngineeringStructural Geology3BachelorFriday08.00-11.00
Geophysics EngineeringSedimentology and Stratigraphy3BachelorFriday13.00-16.00
Geophysics EngineeringIntegrated Field Camp4BachelorTuesday14.00-17.00
ArchitectureIntroduction to architecture3BachelorMonday13.30-16.00
ArchitectureIntroduction to housing and human settlements2BachelorMonday13.30-15.10
ArchitectureArchitectural ecology3BachelorMonday10.00-12.30
ArchitectureContemporary architecture3BachelorTuesday13.30-16.00
ArchitectureDesign method and research in architecture3BachelorWednesday10.00-12.30
ArchitectureStructure and construction in architecture3BachelorWednesday13.30-16.00
ArchitectureNusantara architecture3BachelorWednesday07.00-09.30
ArchitectureArchitectural science and technology3BachelorWednesday13.30-16.00
ArchitectureExperimental architecture3BachelorWednesday10.00-12.30
ArchitectureUrban LandscapeMaster
ArchitectureUrban ConservationMaster
ArchitectureSustainable urban DesignMaster
Regional and Urban PlanningPlanning Statistics3BachelorTuesday09.00-11.50
Regional and Urban PlanningUrban Morphology and Design Theory3BachelorTuesday13.00-17.50
Regional and Urban PlanningPlanning Analysis Method (PAM)3BachelorWednesday08.00-10.50
Regional and Urban PlanningTransportation System3BachelorWednesday15.00-18.50
Regional and Urban PlanningNatural Resources and Environmental System3BachelorThursday13.00-15.50
Regional and Urban PlanningPlanning Information System3BachelorThursday07.00-09.50
Regional and Urban PlanningLand Use Planning and Development3BachelorThursday10.00-10.50
Regional and Urban PlanningApplied Planning Process4BachelorFriday13.00-15.50
Business ManagementMicroeconomics3Bachelor
Business ManagementIntroduction to Accounting3Bachelor
Business ManagementIntroduction to Business Management3Bachelor
Business ManagementFinancial Management3Bachelor
Business ManagementOperations Management3Bachelor
Business ManagementMarketing Management3Bachelor
Business ManagementHuman Capital Management3Bachelor
Business ManagementNew Venture Creation4Bachelor
Business ManagementStatistics for Business3Bachelor
Business ManagementInternational Business3Bachelor
Business ManagementStrategic Management3Bachelor
Business ManagementBusiness Information System3Bachelor
Development StudiesEnglish for Development Studies4Bachelor
Industrial Product DesignMaterial and Process3Bachelor
Industrial Product DesignDesign Research4Bachelor
Industrial Product DesignApparel Design 13Bachelor
Industrial Product DesignJewellery Design 13Bachelor
Industrial Product DesignMedical Design and Engineering 13Bachelor
Industrial Product DesignFurniture Design 13Bachelor
Industrial Product DesignCar Styling 13Bachelor
Interior DesignHome Decor3BachelorFriday13.30-16.30
Interior DesignInterior Photography3Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringIntroduction to Industrial and Sytems Engineering2Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringIntroduction to Economics3Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringEngineering Statistics 23Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringCost Analysis and Estimation3Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringManufacturing Process3Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringErgonomics3Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringOperation Research 13Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringQuality Control Engineering3Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringProduction Planning and Inventory Control3Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringBasic Mechanics Engineering3Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringProduct Design and Development3Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringOrganization and Human Resource Management3Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringIndustrial System Simulation3Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringIndustrial Ecology3Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringSupply Chain Management3Bachelor
Industrial and Systems EngineeringIndustrial Design3Bachelor
StatisticsRegression analysis
StatisticsStocahtic proses
StatisticsStatistical quality control
StatisticsNonparametric stat
InformaticsFundamental Programming4BachelorWednesday07.00-09.50
InformaticsNumerical Computation3BachelorMonday07.00-09.50
InformaticsDiscrete Mathematics3BachelorTuesday10.00-11.50
InformaticsComputer Organization3BachelorTuesday13.30-15.20
InformaticsObject Oriented Programming3BachelorWednesday13.30-15.20
InformaticsDatabase System4BachelorThursday15:30-17:30
InformaticsComputer Graphics3BachelorFriday07.00-09.50
InformaticsComputer Network4BachelorWednesday10.00-11.50
InformaticsComputational Intelligence3BachelorTuesday07.00-09.50
InformaticsSoftware Project Management3BachelorThursday13.30-15.20
InformaticsWeb Programming3BachelorWednesday15:30-17:30
InformaticsSoftware Design3BachelorThursday07.00-09.50
InformaticsLinear Algebra3BachelorFriday13.30-15.20
InformaticsProbabilistic and Statistic3BachelorTuesday07.00-09.50
InformaticsDesign and Analysis Algorithms4BachelorThursday13.30-15.20
Information SystemsLogic and Discrete Structures2Bachelor
Information SystemsInformation System Concepts2Bachelor
Information SystemsStatistics3Bachelor
Information SystemsDatabase System4Bachelor
Information SystemsWeb Programming3Bachelor
Information SystemsIT Process & Management3Bachelor
Information SystemsSoftware Requirement Engineering3Bachelor
Information SystemsBusiness Process Management4Bachelor
Information SystemsOperation Research3Bachelor
Information SystemsBusiness Intelligence4Bachelor
Information SystemsIT Service Management3Bachelor
Information SystemsSoftware Deployment3Bachelor
Information SystemsIT Strategic Planning3Bachelor
Information SystemsIT Evaluation & Audit4Bachelor
Information SystemsUser Experience Design3Bachelor
Information SystemsBusiness Analytics4Bachelor
Information TechnologyData Structure4BachelorWednesday07.00-09.50
Marine EngineeringMaritime Economics2Bachelor
Marine EngineeringMarine Safety3Bachelor
Ocean EngineeringMO184711 - Experimental and Physical Models3BachelorWednesday07.00-09.50
Ocean EngineeringMO184722 - Risk Based Design3BachelorWednesday13.30-15.20
Ocean EngineeringMO184741 - Port Planning and Management3BachelorFriday09.00-10.50
Ocean EngineeringMO184743 - Mechanics of Sediment Transport3BachelorFriday07.00-08.40
Ocean EngineeringMO184745 - Turbulent Boundary Layer Models3BachelorThursday10.00-11.50
Visual Communication DesignCreativity Studies & Design Methodology3Bachelor
Materials EngineeringIntroduction to Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
Materials EngineeringMaterial Thermodynamics
Materials EngineeringIndustrial Process Design
Materials EngineeringNon-Destructive and Risk-Based Inspection
Materials EngineeringComposite Material
Materials EngineeringFault Mechanics and Failure Analysis
Materials EngineeringHeat Treatment
Materials EngineeringMetallurgical Extraction and Refining Process
Materials EngineeringCasting Technology
Materials EngineeringDeformation and Forming Process
Materials EngineeringMachine Element
Materials EngineeringMetallurgy 1
Materials EngineeringCeramic and Glass Material
Materials EngineeringPhase and Transformation Diagrams
Materials EngineeringComputer programming
Materials EngineeringEngineering Mathematics
Materials EngineeringProduction Management
Materials EngineeringOccupational Health and Safety
Mechanical EngineeringEngineering Kinematics and Dynamics (IUP)4Bachelor
Mechanical EngineeringFluid Mechanics 12Bachelor
Mechanical EngineeringStrenght of Materials3Bachelor
Mechanical EngineeringMetalurrgy I3Bachelor
Mechanical EngineeringThermodynamic 13Bachelor
Mechanical EngineeringFailure analysis in metal2Bachelor


The academic year is divided into two semesters, which will be started on:

Fall Semester 2021 : 30 August – 17  December 2021

Application deadline: 1 July 2021

Spring Semester 2022 : 7 February – 17 June 2022

Application deadline: 15 October 2021




Studying abroad will be an interesting and exciting experience in your life. Your study period will bring you more than study credits. You will learn to study and work with students of different nationalities and you will have to express yourself in a foreign language while experiencing a different culture. ITS welcomes prospective student to join Student Exchange program organized  Undergraduate/Bachelor (S1), Master (S2), and Doctoral (S3).

Students at ITS’s partner universities may be eligible to come to Surabaya to study for one or two semesters on Student Exchange Program without paying tuition fees (please check with ITS International Office for particular agreement between ITS and partner universities). Under the reciprocal agreement, students may be eligible for free dormitory during their stay at ITS. The list of specific courses in English could be checked on here  and syllabus on here

ITS regularly receives applications of exchange students every semester. The semester in ITS begins on February  for Spring/Even semester and on August for Fall/Odd semester. As the students will join regular courses, thus the students are expected to send the application for the exchange program to ITS at least three months in advance prior to the commencement date. Under this regular exchange program, there will be no financial support from ITS. The students are responsible for any costs for the program. However, we will assist the students to secure their accommodation for the first time. The students coming from our partner university will be given a priority to stay in the University Guest House or Dormitory. The following are the schedule for the exchange program.

Please refer to the following information for details of the exchange program:



          (*) Forms could be downloaded in this page


More Information:

Ms. Desy Kurniawati

intladmission@its.ac.id / +62 315923411