National Selection Based on Achievements (Seleksi Nasional Berdasarkan Prestasi – SNBP) is a national selection system for new college student admission which is managed by the Educational Testing Management Center (BP3 under the ministry) in collaboration with Public State-Owned Universities around Indonesia. SNBP replaces SNMPTN with the aim of connecting the transformations, changes, dynamics that have been developed through Merdeka Belajar policy from primary to secondary education with the transformations carried out in higher education with Kampus Merdeka. This new student admission policy will encourage students in secondary education to study as a whole, focus on reasoning abilities, be more inclusive and more accommodating to the diversity of students, be more transparent, and be more integrated.

According to the Minister of Education and Culture Regulation No. 48 of 2022, SNBP includes academic and/or non-academic achievements and focuses on giving high rewards for overall learning success in secondary education, namely giving a minimum weight of 50 percent for the average score of report cards for all subjects and a maximum of 50 percent for grades study program supporting subjects, achievements, and/or portfolios.

National Selection Based on Achievements 2023

Study Program in SNBP

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember opens new student admissions through the 2023 Achievement-Based National Selection for Bachelor (S1) and Applied Bachelor (D4) programs. The following are study programs which accept new students through the 2023 SNBP.

Faculty Major Student Capacity in SNBP 2023
Faculty of Science and Data Analytics Physics 60
Mathematics 60
Statistics 40
Chemistry 60
Biology 36
Actuarial Science 24
Analytic Science and Chemical Instrument 18
Faculty of Industrial Technology and System Engineering Mechanical Engineering 48
Chemical Engineering 40
Physical Engineering 40
Industrial Engineering 40
Material Engineering 40
Food Engineering 8
Faculty of Civil, Planning, and Geo Engineering Civil Engineering 36
Architecture 24
Environmental Engineering 26
Urban and Regional Planning 34
Geomatics Engineering 26
Geophysics Engineering 18
Faculty of Marine Technology Naval Architecture 24
Marine Engineering 28
Marine Engineering (Joint Degree) 12
Ocean Engineering 24
Marine Transportation Engineering 10
Offshore Engineering 8
Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Informatics Technology Electrical Engineering 48
Biomedical Engineering 16
Computer Engineering 16
Informatics 54
Information System 38
Information Technology 16
Telecommunication Engineering 16
Medical Technology 24
Faculty of Creative Design and Digitak Business Product Design 36
Interior Design 24
Visual Communication Design 32
Business Management 24
Development Studies 27
Faculty of Vocations Civil Building Management and Maintenance Engineering Technology 18
Water Building Construction Engineering Technology 18
Manufacturing Engineering Technology 18
Energy Conversion Engineering Technology 18
Automation Engineering Technology 26
Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology 26
Instrumentation Engineering Technology 26
Business Statistics 26
Total 1.331

Participant Requirements

Requirements for participants of National Selection Based on Achievement 2023 are as follows:

  1. Final year students in secondary education who will graduate in the current year (graduate in 2023);
  2. Included in the best ranking quota in schools determined based on school accreditation;
  3. Coming from high school, SMA/SMK/MA, which has NPSN (National School Identification Number, registered in the ministry);
  4. Have good and consistent academic and/or non-academic achievements;
  5. Have NISN and registered with PDSS (School and Student Data Base);
  6. Have report card or academic transcript from Semester 1 to 5 which has been filled in the PDSS for all subject values; and
  7. Meet other requirements determined by ITS.

Other Requirements

Participants who choose study program of Industrial Product Design, Interior Design, and/or Visual Communication Design are required to upload a Portfolio of Fine Arts, Design, and Craft during SNBP registration. Detailed information about the Portfolio can be seen on the SNPMB page.

Achievements Provision in SNBP

In the selection process, the selection committee will consider achievements or awards as evidenced by achievement documents, such as certificates, award certificates, and/or letters of recommendation from related institutions. Proof of achievement documents that can be uploaded include:

  1. Champion at provincial, national and international levels
    1. Science Olympiad
    2. Student Competency Competition
    3. Sports Championship
    4. Art Competition
    5. Scientific Writing Competition
    6. Research
  2. Scripture memorization (Hafizh Quran)
    For applicants with Scripture Memorization Achievements, in addition to uploading certificates via the SNPMB registration page with the Olympiad (Others) achievement field and Provincial achievement levels, students are required to fill out ITS registrant data with Scripture Memorizing achievements via the page that will be mentioned here when registration begins.
Note: Uploaded achievements are individual or team achievements with a maximum of 2 team members.

Study Program Choices Provision in SNBP

SNBP is open for all undergraduate (S1) and vocational undergraduate (D4) study programs held by ITS, except for international classes.

  1. Each student can choose maximum two study programs from one university or two universities;
  2. If student chooses two study programs, one must be in a university in the same province as the SMA/MA/SMK locates. If student chooses one study program, they can choose any university in any province.
  3. Provisions for selecting study programs with majors of origin follow the rules implemented by SNPMB.

Other Provision

Participants who are accepted into the National Selection Based on Achievement (SNBP) must re-register and cannot take part in the other National Selection for New Student Admissions (SNPMB) in subsequent years.

Selection Mechanism

The Achievement-Based National Selection in 2023 takes into account the average report card scores for all subjects to encourage students to focus on all subjects in a holistic and cross-disciplinary manner. The average value of the report card is calculated at least 50%. The remaining proportion of the calculation takes into account the value of the supporting subjects according to the chosen study program, academic and non-academic achievements, and portfolios for choosers of Industrial Product Design, Interior Design, and Visual Communication Design study programs. These considerations are adjusted to the conditions set by ITS.

Registration Fee

There is no registration fee for the National Selection Based on Achievement: Free.

Participants Registration

Information regarding the procedures for registering SNBP can be obtained on the SNPMB page.

Education Fees

Uang Kuliah Tunggal (UKT)

The tuition fees for new students accepted through the SNBP use one cost component, namely the Single Tuition Fee (UKT). UKT at ITS is divided into 7 (seven) categories that are adjusted to the economic abilities of students’ parents and are paid each semester. Parents’ economic capacity index is determined at the time of re-registration. UKT is applied to all prospective students who are accepted into various study programs through SNBP except Joint Degree Study Programs.

Category UKT (Rp)
1 500.000
2 1.000.000
3 2.500.000
4 4.000.000
5 5.000.000
6 6.000.000
7 7.500.000
Specifically for the Maritime Systems Engineering Joint Degree program, the tuition fee is IDR 20,000,000 per semester.

Scholarship in ITS

Kartu Indonesia Pintar Kuliah

KIP-Kuliah is aid for education costs from the government for high school graduates (SMA) or equivalent who have good academic potential but have economic limitations. The achievement requirements for KIP Kuliah are aimed at ensuring that KIP Kuliah recipients are selected from those who truly have the potential and willingness to complete higher education.

Prospective participants who receive KIP-Kuliah must first study the registration procedure for the KIP-Kuliah program on the website KIP Kuliah.

KIP-Kuliah provides funding as follows:

  1. KIP-Lecture registration is free of charge;
  2. Free registration fee for admission selection for new students;
  3. Free of tuition fees paid to universities;
  4. Cost of living subsidies.

KIP-Kuliah exclusively for the economically disadvantaged. Students who are academically excellent but economically capable are not allowed to register. In the case of registering for KIP Lectures and it turns out that you are not eligible to receive it because you are economically capable, there are several possibilities that may occur:

  1. If it is considered minor/unintentional negligence, it will not be determined as a KIP-Lecture recipient but will be considered as a regular student;
  2. If it is deemed to have filled in incorrect data intentionally and/or provided invalid supporting evidence (how to obtain it) the status may be canceled in the college entrance selection.

Other Scholarship

Apart from KIP-Kuliah, ITS also collaborates with various agencies in providing scholarships for ITS students. Students can obtain scholarships from various sources with the submission mechanism according to the provisions of the scholarship awarding institution, such as after being declared accepted or after obtaining an academic achievement index.

Types of scholarship awarding institutions include:

  1. The Ministry/National Institution
  2. Regional Government
  3. BUMN (State-owned Enterprises)
  4. Private Sectors/Industry
  5. Foundation
  6. Alumni of ITS

Important Schedule of SNBP 2023

Stages Date
School’s Account Registration January 9 – February 9, 2023
Student’s Account Registration January 9 – February 15, 2023
Determination of Eligible Students by Schools January 3 – February 8, 2023
Completion of PDSS by School January 9 – February 9, 2023
Participant’s Selection Registration February 14 – 28, 2023
Result Announcement March 28, 2023
Re-registration Will be announced along with selection result’s announcement
All activities on the specified day end at 15.00 WIB (3 pm Jakarta Time).
For further information, please visit website SNPMB.

Information Contacts

Secretariate of Seleksi Nasional Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru

Gedung D Lantai 2, Komplek Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset, dan Teknologi
Jalan Pintu I Senayan, Jakarta 10270
Phone: (021) 3104041
Call Center: 0804 1 450 450 (08.00 – 18.00 WIB)

Directorate of Education ITS

Admission Office
Gedung KPA Lantai 1, Kampus ITS Sukolilo
Sukolilo, Surabaya 60111
Whatsapp: 085233235726 (08.00 – 16.00 WIB)

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