Full Degree

Full Degree Program at ITS


The academic year is divided into two semesters, which will be started on:


Fall Semester 2023 : 28 August – 15 December 2023

Application deadline: 10 May 2022


ITS offers various degree programs organized by the departments within the institute.

Degree programs are:

  • Applied Degree (D4)
  • Undergraduate/Bachelor (S1)
  • Master (S2)
  • Doctoral (S3)


While some departments are opened International Class for Degree Program, which is English is used as Medium of Instruction, some departments only offer full degree programs with Bahasa Indonesia. The list of the department could be checked here .  For applicants who would like to apply on non International Degree Program is required to learn Indonesia Language for 1 year period at ITS.



                                                                                          (*) Forms could be downloaded in this page


Medical statement and ITS Health Information Form could be submitted later once you are accepted and will depart from your home country to Indonesia.


Tuition Fees

Regular degree programs per semester (approximately)

  • Undergraduate/Bachelor (S1)                IDR 15 millions
  • Master (S2)                                               IDR 20 millions
  • Doctoral (S3)                                            IDR 25 millions

Note: Dual Degree/ Joint Degree program may have charge different tuition. Please kindly check the department’s website.

Deadlines for paying tuition fees are before the Courses Registration / FRS (Formulir Rencana Studi) week. Please make sure that you pay your tuition fee before the above deadline and if you don’t you won’t be able to register any classes for the following semester.



Ms. Desy Kurniawati

intladmission@its.ac.id / +62 315923411