Antasena ITS Recommends Use of Hydrogen Cars at the Shell Technology Forum 2019

Tue, 10 Sep 2019
2:32 pm
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ITS Campus, ITS News – The Antasena Team of the Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS) once again had the opportunity to introduce its innovations related to the development of hydrogen cars in Indonesia. This time by attending an invitation from Shell Indonesia at the 2019 Shell Technology Forum. In addition to conducting socialization on the development of hydrogen cars, the Antasena ITS Team also filled a seminar on the topic Driving the Future: Towards Sustainable Energy. This activity took place in Nusa Dua, Bali, Tuesday (3/9).

Together with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono, the Antasena Team shared experiences and stories about developing hydrogen cars in Indonesia to the general public. Bearing in mind the Antasena Team is the first team to develop hydrogen-powered cars made by domestic children as an alternative to renewable energy cars other than electric cars. The use of hydrogen is also more efficient because the gas filling time is shorter than an electric car.

Previously, the Antasena ITS Team had a proud achievement of winning the second best position in the 2019 Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) Asia competition in Sepang, Malaysia. This team also represented Indonesia at a higher level at the Drivers World Championship in London. Achievements in the two events further emphasized the existence of the Antasena Team in the development of hydrogen-fueled cars in Indonesia and internationally. “This is a positive turning point for our team after being vacuum for a long time,” said Iqbal Al Barsy, representative of the Antasena Team.

Students who joined the Antasena Team after visiting Europe also explained that the development of hydrogen-fueled cars in other regions, especially Europe, had progressed to a more serious stage. There are already many hydrogen fueling stations to support the use of cars for the wider community. This could be an incentive for people and governments to begin to understand and shift to the use of hydrogen-fueled cars.

Furthermore, the development of hydrogen-fueled cars is nothing new. This also supports the government’s efforts to further optimize the use of renewable energy in Indonesia, especially in terms of transportation. The Antasena team itself has also done a lot of research and innovation related to this matter. They have also synergized with Shell Indonesia to develop energy-efficient renewable energy-based cars so that they can later be applied in the community.

In addition to collaborating with Shell Indonesia, the Antasena Team also attracted support from various related parties including the government. This is proof that both the government and energy companies have begun to look at research into the development of renewable energy cars to express their full support. So far, the public response has been quite positive and ready to welcome the development of hydrogen-fueled cars in Indonesia.

After attending this forum, the Antasena Team hopes that the public will increasingly understand the importance of using hydrogen cars as an alternative to renewable energy. Companies and governments are also encouraged to be concerned about the development of renewable energy in Indonesia. “We ourselves hope that in the future both the government and automotive companies in Indonesia will apply the results of our research to realize a national hydrogen car,” concluded Iqbal. (lut / owi)

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