Webinar Jejak Pelabuhan Kuno Di Daerah Aliran Sungai Brantas

Mon, 31 May 2021
1:24 pm
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The area of ​​the Brantas River Watershed is ± 14,103 km2 and ± 320 km long circular with springs on the slopes of the Arjuno-Anjasmoro mountain complex. High rainfall causes very large river discharge. The active supply of sediment from Mt.Kelud has made the Brantas River a serious threat to settlements on either side of the river. The threat of an earthquake is also mentioned in fiber writing and / or inscriptions.

The circular pattern of the Brantas river evokes and simulates economic and political activities over the centuries. Daljoeni (1982) states that the existence of the Brantas River has greatly influenced the political power of various kingdoms in East Java. The Brantas River was a very important river for the economic activities of the kingdom along the river, because it connected cities and trading places along the river, both in the interior and in the coastal areas. In the end, it was able to become a strong maritime empire by optimizing the function of the river as a trade route from the interior to the downstream (coast).

Various disasters such as earthquakes have collapsed royal buildings in the watershed of the Brantas River and the eruption of Mount Kelud which has been active for years and lava floods have caused traces of the ancient royal port to be buried in the watershed and in the Brantas delta.

The question that many people have been waiting for is, where is Ujung Galuh Port located?

The Geophysical Engineering Department in collaboration with the Majapahit Civilization Study Center and the Majapahit History Group held a webinar on Traces of Ancient Ports in the Brantas River Basin by inviting researchers from the Yogyakarta Archaeological Center, historians at the State University of Malang and the Majapahit History Group as well as ITS researchers. It is hoped that the location of the past port can be immediately identified so that it can be used for further research to find out the coastline in every kingdom that has existed in the Brantas River basin.

The Webinar will be held on

The presentation of resource speaker could be accessed through these links, once the event is finished:


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