International Accreditation


Geophysical Engineering ITS has undergone the accreditation process of IABEE, which is an independent accreditation institution for engineering education in Indonesia, a member of the Washington Accord (WA).

The educational system in ITS Geophysical Engineering is in accordance with the OBE (Outcomes Based Education) curriculum, with learning methods focusing on learning outcomes. OBE is designed to cover objectives based on what happens in the results of the learning process. Objectives are strongly oriented towards the future and ask the lecturer how to imagine the real conditions in the future and make students change at the end of the lecture.

Geophysical Engineering ITS opens data access of OBE Graduate Learning Process (CPL) starting 2015 (Curriculum, CPL Measurement, Improvement Evaluation) by clicking on the following link.

National Accreditation

Departemen Teknik Goefisika ITS telah dinyatakan sebagai departemen dengan akreditasi A (akreditasi tertinggi) oleh BAN-PT Indonesia pada tahun 2018