Independent Professional Profile

Independent Professional Profile

Based on the performance of the process according to the criteria of Quality Assurance, the ability to complete all complete learning processes, and the dynamics of technology in the era of digitalization 4.0, it can be expected that graduates of the ITS Geophysical Engineering Undergraduate Study Program are able to have high employability characters to enter the job market both at the national and international levels formulated in the Independent Professional Profile of the ITS Geophysical Engineering Undergraduate Study Program as follows:

1. Individuals who are able to think critically and innovatively through a team work approach and active communication.

2. Individuals who are able to contribute actively, as a formidable problem solver to the problems of exploration and exploitation of the earth, based on mastery of earth science and technology by promoting professional ethics and sustainable principles.

3. Individuals who are able to carry out and develop entrepreneurship in trans-disciplines or trans-professions by considering earth science and technology.

The independent professional profile has been discussed since the implementation of the OBE curriculum in the 2014 ITS Geophysical Engineering Undergraduate Study Program and was reviewed at the beginning of the 2018 curriculum change period. Professional activities such as the Geophysical Higher Education Workshop (Indonesian Geophysical Study Program Coordination Forum), the professional association-Indonesian Geophysical Expert Association (HAGI), the community of the Geophysical Engineering Undergraduate Study Program ITS in the future will conduct regular review of the independent professional profile together Geophysical Engineering advisory board and all stakeholders. Communication, socialization and publication of this matter is carried out through internal and external communication forums and widely through the official website and social media of the ITS Geophysical Engineering Undergraduate Study Program ( us / profiles-professional-independent-engineering-geophysics-department /). This communication is to improve accessibility between lecturers, students, stakeholders and the community. Independent professional profiles are directly conveyed in online seminar forums, introduction to study program profiles in videos linked in the official WEB of the Study Program, delivered by lecturers when starting lectures in front of students, becoming an attachment in curriculum documents, pamphlets and department profile brochures

Head of Undergraduate Study Program
Geophysical Engineering ITS

Dr. Dwa Desa Warnana