The series of Internship Programs for Tarlac Agricultural University Philippines Students Closed with a Warm Speech from the Dean of ITS CIVPLAN

Thu, 02 Jun 2022
11:15 am
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Faculty of CIVPLAN ITS provided a Course-Based Internship Program for students of Tarlac Agricultural University, which was started from 20 April until 30 May 2022. Delivering the topic of Disaster Management, there are 5 departments involved in giving courses to internship students, consist of Geophysical Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Regional & Urban Planning.



The participant of internship was 10 students with Geodetic Engineering background. They are in their last semester and applied internship program to CIVPLAN ITS to get knowledge about how the nature disaster should be managed. In last meeting, they were required to give presentation about how the disaster in Phillipine should be managed, by applying the knowledge given by lecturers.



The program was closed by a warm speech from Dean of CIVPLAN faculty ITS, Dr. Murni Rahmawati, on 30 May 2022. She expressed gratitude to lecturers and committee who involved in this international program, and stated a hope that the partnership between ITS and Tarlac Agricultural University Phillipine keeps working excellent and fruitful.


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