List of Staff

List of Staff

Name Indah Kurnia Sari, S.Si
Position Head of General Sub Section
  1. Arranging the work program of the General Subdivision of the Department as a guideline for implementing tasks
  2. Dividing assignments to subordinates in the General Sub-Section of the Department in accordance with the main tasks and responsibilities so that the tasks given can be carried out effectively and efficiently
  3. Give instructions on the implementation of duties to subordinates in the General Sub-Section of the Department in accordance with the applicable regulations and procedures for the smooth implementation of the task
  4. Assess work performance as a material for guidance and career development
  5. Documenting academic, staffing, financial, general data and equipment, guidance, discipline, standard operating procedures, implementation instructions and technical instructions for activities in the Department within the framework of the Ministry of Quality performance.
  6. Collect and implement the provisions of legislation in the academic field of general household finance student affairs and equipment
  7. Carry out academic administration, student affairs, finance, staffing, cooperation, BMN management in the Department
  8. Evaluating the implementation of the Department’s General Subdivision duties to find out the problems and their solutions
  9. Compile reports of the Department of General Subdivision in accordance with the results that have been achieved as the responsibility of the implementation of the task
  10. Carry out other official duties given by superiors
Name Laili Nur Indah Sari, SE
Position Finance Staff
  1. Arrange the draft RBA and UMK and submit to the Unit Head
  2. Enter the submission of RBA and UMK through a Financial SIM
  3. Disbursing MSEs
  4. Distribute unit funds according to needs / requests
  5. Conduct checks and bill payments
  6. Prepare a Tax Payment Letter (SSP) document
  7. Making tax payments from transactions made
  8. Scan and document Tax Payment Letters (SSP)
  9. Enter data and upload tax deposit letters to the Financial SIM
  10. Submit a tax deposit to the Expenditure Treasurer
  11. Make a monthly SPJ list
  12. Arrange and process accountability (SPJ)
  13. Make financial records to daily journals and ledgers
  14. Enter financial data through a Financial SIM
  15. Prepare financial accountability reports
  16. Submit and explain the details of the monthly SPJ to the Commitment Making Officer (PPK)
  17. Submit and explain the details of the monthly SPJ to the Internal Audit Office
  18. Return the remaining unit funds through the Bank to the Deputy Chancellor II’s account
  19. Report financial records to the leadership periodically
  20. Store and maintain budget expenditure documents
  21. Carry out orders from superiors to help with tasks outside the main task or to help other colleagues
Position Academic Staff
  1. Helping conduct lecture schedules, lecture halls, and lecturer lecturers
  2. Arrange a trusteeship schedule and inform trust activities
  3. Updating lecture data on ACADEMIC SIM
  4. Prepare the lecture control form (meeting control sheet, student attendance list, and learning plan)
  5. Serve administrative submissions for Job Training proposals
  6. Monitor and follow up on the status of student practical work
  7. Helping to allocate guidance on practical work
  8. Recap the results of assessment of student practical work
  9. Serving administrative applications for Internships
  10. Helps make progress reports on practical work and work internships
  11. Receive and recapitulate the registration of the final assignment supervisor
  12. Receiving and checking completeness of the proposal seminar file or final assignment session
  13. Prepare a seminar proposal schedule or final assignment session
  14. Distribute seminar proposal documents or final assignment sessions
  15. Prepare rooms and facilities for conducting seminars or final assignments
  16. Recap the value and revision of the results of the seminar or final assignment session
  17. Helping to make progress reports on the final project
  18. Help compile the evaluation schedule with the lecture
  19. Prepare a package about evaluation with lectures
  20. Helps supervise evaluation with lectures
  21. Recap monitoring of meeting realization for each course (attendance list, RP suitability, number of meetings)
  22. Making minutes of violations in the evaluation of learning in each course
  23. Helps submit research / observation / visit permits to other agencies
  24. Provides information related to academic activities to lecturers and students
  25. Help provide information about department profiles and admission selection to prospective students
  26. Prepare administration and implementation of judiciary at the Department level
  27. Helps administration of registration and disbursement of scholarships (including foreign students)
  28. Carry out orders from superiors to help with tasks outside the main task or to help other colleagues
Dihein Reksa Ikmaluhakim, ST
Position Marketing Staff
  1. Installation and maintenance of network devices within the work unit area
  2. Check and maintain access points in the work unit area
  3. Check and maintain the computer and / or server in the work unit area
  4. Perform projector checks and maintenance in the work unit area
  5. Install and update software needed by work units / employees
  6. Propose renewal / procurement of ICT equipment at the work unit level
  7. Inventory and report items and tools available in the server room
  8. Documenting network admin activities
  9. Develop and maintain a work unit website according to the needs of the work unit
  10. Helps update the work unit website content
  11. Manage server hosting work units that are available at ITS data center services
  12. Making print publication media for promotion of work unit programs / activities
  13. Coordinate with DPTSI regarding escalation of complaints and constraints on ICT services
  14. Helping the implementation of ICT ITS services at the work unit level including student users
  15. Helping the implementation of e-Learining at the department level
  16. Helping the implementation of e-Office at the work unit level
  17. Carry out orders from superiors to help with tasks outside the main task or to help other colleagues
Position General Administrative Staff
  1. Filing the harcopy and softcopy of the report, accreditation forms, and policy documents in the Work Unit publication
  2. Filing the results of work units and the activity formulation of work unit results
  3. Make a Concept and Approval Letter from the Work Unit
  4. Serving the preparation of a letter of introduction from the Work Unit for the purposes of implementing the Higher Education Tri Dharma
  5. Coordinate with the Faculty / Institute Caraka for sending letters / documents / goods
  6. Prepare a Decree (SK) for activities in the distribution of Work Units
  7. Insert employees issued in the Decree (SK) of activities into the Staffing SIM (SK Online)
  8. Operates e-offices in the Work Unit edition
  9. digitizing documents / letters in work units
  10. Assistance in preparing SPJ documents in work units
  11. Preparation of activities in the work unit
  12. Put forward office stationery needs
  13. Schedule and prepare meeting / conference rooms for work activities
  14. to record the routine status of assets / BMN in the work unit
  15. Report the status of assets / BMN regularly through the Bureau of Finance (Asset Inventory Subbag)
  16. Submits issued assets / BMN through the Bureau of Finance (Asset Inventory Subbag)
  17. Carry out a supervisor’s request to help the task go beyond the task or help other coworkers
  18. Attends routine coordination meetings in work units
  19. Assist all forms of learning process evaluation according to the assignment by the Head of Department, including Mid Semester Evaluation, Quiz, Final Semester Evaluation
Heru Prasetyo
Position Infrastructure, Asset and HSE Officer
  1. Open and close space in the work unit
  2. Carry out cleaning activities for all spaces within the work unit
  3. Coordinating janitors at work units
  4. Check cleanliness of all rooms in the work unit in accordance with the cleaning check list
  5. Propose the need for materials and tools for cleaning activities
  6. Carry out maintenance of trees and plants
  7. Assist maintenance or repair of advice and infrastructure in the work unit
  8. Propose the need for materials and work tools for the maintenance of trees and plants
  9. Propose kitchen and drinking water needs
  10. Check the condition of work facilities so that they are in security and safety conditions
  11. Carry out orders from superiors to help with tasks outside the main task or to help other colleagues
Hamzah Afif, S.T.
Position Laboratory Technician

1 Coordinating with laboratory departments related to certain tests
2 Create a test queue and schedule
3 Conduct sample testing according to existing methods
4 Prepare materials and equipment needed for practicum and research
5 Ensuring K3 and laboratory rules are carried out in the laboratory
6 Checks if the equipment needs calibration or is damaged
7 Return the laboratory equipment to its original place
8 Tidy up and clean the work area after the activity is done
9 Planning the laboratory materials and equipment for testing / learning / practicum activities in the laboratory
10 Facilitating the availability of facilities and infrastructure in the laboratory for the smooth implementation of testing / learning
11 Perform testing analysis in the laboratory and in the field
12 Analyze the initial results of the test
13 Process test data and perform analysis calculation results
14 Calculating the uncertainty value of a sample test
15 Perform equipment calibration and measurement
16 Monitoring the testing process
17 Perform periodic maintenance for tools / materials / facilities in the laboratory
18 Propose the periodic procurement, replacement or repair of laboratory equipment / materials / facilities / spare parts
19 Serving the use or borrowing of laboratory tools / materials / facilities in accordance with applicable procedures
20 Propose periodic calibration of laboratory equipment / facilities or if necessary
21 Develop and update work procedures and use of tools / materials / facilities in the laboratory
22 Install safety signs and work procedures on every work tool or facility
23 Ensure that all users of equipment / materials / facilities use personal protective equipment when working in the laboratory
24 Help prepare tools / materials / facilities for each practicum activity
25 Provide instructions for the use of tools / materials / work facilities to each user
26 Perform troubleshooting of problems / disruption of equipment / facilities in the laboratory
27 Assisting in scheduling the use of laboratory space / tools / facilities according to work unit priorities or policies
28 Documenting the practicum module and helping to update the practicum module
29 Submitting consumables for practicum or research activities in the laboratory
30 Assisting in making the SPJ Laboratorium for laboratory operations and development
31 Provide data collection or sample testing services related to industrial research or services
32 Assisting in making reports / test results in data collection activities or testing samples in the laboratory
33 Assisting in collecting the results of practicum or research activities in the laboratory
34 Assisting in the management of laboratory inventory data
35 Prepare data on activities and utilization of laboratory tools / materials / facilities for auditing / accreditation of work units
36 Implement the 5S or 5R program to maintain tidiness, cleanliness and order in the laboratory
37 Implementing a work safety program to maintain the security and safety of all activities in the laboratory
38 Following regular coordination with the head of the laboratory and other laboratory members
39 Manage and document B3 and non-B3 waste in accordance with waste handling procedures
40 Carry out orders from superiors to help with tasks outside the main task or help other colleagues

Zahrotin Jamilah, S.T.
Position Geosaintek Scientific Journal Administrator
  1. Manage timeliness of journal review process, including administrative duties
  2. Manage submission and release of files
  3. Ensure the timely publication of all articles and issues in accordance with scheduling deadlines
  4. Monitor the process of volume of journal papers
  5. Consolidate edits, perform instant quality checks at all the stages conservatively to ensure correct general understanding and execution of corrections/style and follow up with information/clarification accordingly
  6. Correcting manuscripts with other routine administrative tasks.
Name Rizky Andyanto
Position Cleaning Staff

1 Cleaning educational equipment and reporting the condition of damaged air conditioners
2 Doing floor cleaning and building furniture in the ITS (central) environment
3 Installing equipment for ITS activities
4 Turn on the LCD, AC, and lights at the beginning of the event / day
5 Arrange supporting equipment (TABLE CHAIR)
6 Prepare the necessary equipment for the event
7 Rented equipment that was not available
8 Tidy up any additional equipment needed
9 Turn off the LCD, AC, and lights after finishing activities
10 Receiving banners, banners and billboards along with a letter requesting permission to install them
11 Remove banners, banners and billboards if the time limit for installation is up or the installation does not comply with the provisions
12 Carry out orders from superiors to help with tasks outside the main task or to help other colleagues
13 Attending routine coordination meetings in work units

Ahmad Rifa’i Ikhwanul Hakim
Position Security and Parking Staff

1 Take care of vehicle parking for college activities
2 Clean the parking area
3 Checking vehicle ID fwhen leaving the parking area
4 Arrange / organize the vehicle in the parking area
5 Assisting the committee (security and parking)
6 Doing other tasks ordered by the management