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Sakura Science Exchange Program is one of the international activities of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Indonesia in collaboration with Kumamoto University, Japan. On November 21-29 2017, this program was attended by 2 lecturers and 8 students of ITS and held in Kumamoto prefecture. This program was fully funded by The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). On this occasion, Mariyanto from the Department of Geophysical Engineering was chosen as a delegation of ITS lecturers in Sakura Science Exchange Program.



Being a participant of the Sakura Science Exchange Program at Kumamoto University is a very valuable experience for me. Through this program I can learn about Japan especially about science and technology that exist in that country. This activity is not only presented in the form of lectures in the classroom but also in the form of tours and field trips. The program materials are closely related to the latest conditions in Kumamoto Prefecture such as earthquake, disaster mitigation, new and renewable energy, volcanology and water resources management. Participants of this program also had the opportunity to visit Marine Science Facility in Amakusa, earthquake site in Mashiki, Mount Aso, geothermal power plant in Hatchobaru, ground water management facility in Kengun and excursions at Kumamoto castle. All activities are accompanied by experts and a guide who can speak japanese and english so it is very easy to be understood by the participants. I would like to thank the committee of Kumamoto University who has organized this program and provide the best service to us.



I hope ITS and Kumamoto University can improve cooperation especially in collaborative research among departments. Through the activities of the Sakura Science Exchange Program, I also initiated a research collaboration by submitting a research cooperation proposal to a representative of Kumamoto University. Hopefully Kumamoto University will be interested to establish research cooperation with ITS

(By: Mariyanto, Lecturer and Researcher at Department of Geophysics Engineering-ITS)



Marine Science Facility in Amakusa


Earthquake site in Mashiki


Geothermal power plant in Hatchobaru


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