Hey Calon Pejuang PTN, Yuk Ikuti GeoOlympic Teknik Geofisika ITS

Tue, 21 Jun 2022
3:00 pm
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[ Extended GeoOlympic ITS Geophysical Engineering]

Hello high school students throughout Indonesia !
There is the latest news, the ITS Geophysical Engineering GeoOlympic Event has been extended. Take note of the important information!

Timeline :
– Registration (18-25 Juni 2022)
– Close Registration (25 Juni 2022 Pukul 24.00)
– Pre-Elimination (28 Juni 2022)
– SemiFinal (29 Juni 2022)
– Final (30 Juni 2022)

Registration Fee: 20K

Level: high school any batch/year

Grand Prize :
– Million cash
– E-Certificate
– FreePass to ITS Geophysical Engineering ( Directly Accepted Without Exam )

Subject :
– Geology
– Geophysics
– Hidrology

Link for Registration :

Contact Person :
Marry (0821-1559-0157)
Mushollin (0858-5114-3767)


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