Doty Dewi Risanti

Personal Information

Name : Dr.-Ing. Doty Dewi Risanti, ST, MT
NIDN : 0003097404
NIP : 197409031998022001
Position : Associate Professor (Head of Advanced Functional Materials Labs)
Email :
Laboratory : Laboratory of Advanced Functional Materials
Personal Website :
Reserach Interest : 1. High Temperature Materials
2. Materials Processing
3. Materials Characterization
Research Page : Google Scholar | SINTA | Scopus | ResearchGate
Curriculum Vitae : (Download)


  1. Teknik Fisika (ST), ITS, Indonesia, 1996.
    Optimalisasi ketebalan lapisan tipis SiO2 terhadap kerapatan ion mobile Na+ struktur MOS AlSiO2-Si“,
    Supervisor: Ir. Agung Budiono
  2. Teknik Pertambangan (MT), ITB, Indonesia, 2000.
    Pemodelan Pergerakan Antarmuka Antarfasa Difusi Isotermal Sistem Multikomponen“,
    Supervisor: Dr.Ir. Syoni Suprijanto, MSc & Prof. Ir. Waspodo Martojo
  3. Institut für Metallkunde und Materialphysik, RWTH Aachen, Germany, 2011.
    Development of Ferritic Fe-Al-Ta Alloys with Strengthening Laves Phase for High Temperature Applications“,
    Supervisor: Prof. Dr.rer.nat Gerhard Sauthoff & Prof. Dr.rer.nat Dr.-HC Gunther Gottstein

(Selected) Publications

  1. Risanti, D. D., & Sauthoff, G. (2005). Strengthening of iron aluminide alloys by atomic ordering and Laves phase precipitation for high-temperature applicationsIntermetallics13(12), 1313-1321.
  2. Risanti, D., Deges, J., Falat, L., Kobayashi, S., Konrad, J., Palm, M., Pöter, B., Schneider, A., Stallybrass, C. and Stein, F., 2005. Dependence of the brittle-to-ductile transition temperature (BDTT) on the Al content of Fe–Al alloysIntermetallics13(12), pp.1337-1342.
  3. Risanti, D. D., Yin, M., del Castillo, P. R. D., & van Der Zwaag, S. (2009). A systematic study of the effect of interrupted ageing conditions on the strength and toughness development of AA6061Materials Science and Engineering: A523(1-2), 99-111.
  4. Risanti, D. D., & Sauthoff, G. (2011). Microstructures and mechanical properties of Fe–Al–Ta alloys with strengthening Laves phaseIntermetallics19(11), 1727-1736.
  5. Budiarti, H. A., Puspitasari, R. N., Hatta, A. M., & Risanti, D. D. (2017). Synthesis and characterization of TiO2@ SiO2 and SiO2@ TiO2 core-shell structure using lapindo mud extract via sol-gel methodProcedia engineering170, 65-71.
  6. Mawarani, L. J., Sihombing, T. A., Risanti, D. D., Massadeh, M. I., & Prananto, D. (2021). Utilization of Chicken Eggshells as Catalyst in Biodiesel Synthesis from Waste Cooking Oil: Chicken Eggshells as Catalyst in Biodiesel Synthesis from Waste Cooking OilProceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences: A. Physical and Computational Sciences58(S), 85-95.
  7. Risanti, D. D., Kartika, I., Andnindyara, W., Laksana, H. R. P., Lestari, F. P., & Triwardono, J. (2021, August). Electrochemical behavior in simulated body fluid of Mg-Ca-Zn-TiH2 alloy pre-treatment prepared by mechanical milling. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 2382, No. 1, p. 030002). AIP Publishing LLC.
  8. Rachmat, D., Paramudita, I., Fadhilah, N., Haekal, M.H., Wahyuono, R.A., Hidayat, R., Zakaria, R., Suendo, V. and Risanti, D.D., 2021. Au-doped mesoporous SiO2 scattering layer enhances light harvesting in quasi Solid-State dye-sensitized solar cellsJournal of King Saud University-Engineering Sciences.
  9. Utama, S. W., Fadhilah, N., Haekal, M. H., Zakaria, R., Hidayat, R., & Risanti, D. D. (2021). Controllable Core Size of Au@ TiO2 through Al (NO3) 3 Addition and Its Effects on DSSC PerformanceIPTEK The Journal for Technology and Science32(1), 1-12.
  10. Kartika, I., Risanti, D. D., Laksana, H. R. P., Lestari, F. P., Rokhmanto, F., & Erryani, A. (2021). Fabrication of Porous Mg–Ca–Zn Alloy by High Energy Milling for Bone Implants. In Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Electronics, Biomedical Engineering, and Health Informatics (pp. 711-722). Springer, Singapore.

Teaching Courses

1 Material Cerdas 7 Metodologi Penelitian
(Smart Materials) (Research Methodology)
2 Rekayasa Bahan 8 Seleksi dan Desain Material
(Material Engineering) (Selection and Material Design)
3 Fisika Bahan 9 Material Energi
(Material Physics) (Energy Materials)
4 Fisika Kuantum 10 Teknologi Material Nano
(Quantum Physics) (Nano-Material Technology)
5 Perpindahan Panas 11 Teknologi Pemrosesan Material
(Heat Transfer) (Material Processing Technology)
6 Termodinamika

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Open Position: 5 orang mahasiswa untuk pengabdian masyarakat Smart Class Room

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