Andi Rahmadiansah

Personal Information

Name : Andi Rahmadiansah, ST., MT, (Ph.D cand.)
NIDN : 0017057906
NIP : 197905172003121002
Position : Assistant Professor
Email :
Laboratory : Laboratory of Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems
Personal Website :
Reserach Interest : Acoustic
Research Page : Google Scholar | SINTA | Scopus | ResearchGate
Curriculum Vitae : (Download)


  1. Departmen Teknik Fisika (S1), ITS, Indonesia, 2003.
    Pengolahan Citra“,
    Supervisor: Ir. Apriani Kusumawardhani, M.Sc
  2. Departemen Teknik Fisika (S2), ITB, Indonesia, 2009.
    Supervisor: Dr. IB. Ardhana Putra & Dr. Supriyanto
  3. Departemen Teknik Elektro (sedang S3), NTUST, Taiwan, 2019-sekarang
    Deteksi Objek 3D“,
    Supervisor: Distinguished Professor Shun-Feng Su

(Selected) Publications

  1. Abdurrakhman, A., Widjiantoro, B. L., Pratikno, H., Iasha, F., & Rahmadiansyah, A. (2020, September). Design of speed control system in biogas fuel generator set by using PID control method. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 2255, No. 1, p. 030046). AIP Publishing LLC.
  2. Indriawati, K., Mufit, C., & Rahmadiansah, A. (2020). Design of Supervisory Control for Speed Control of Wind Turbine using Torque-Control Method Based on Buck Converter. In E3S Web of Conferences (Vol. 190, p. 00019). EDP Sciences.
  3. Noriyati, R., Musyafa, A., Rahmadiansah, A., Utama, A., Asy’ari, M., & Abdillah, M. (2020). Design and Implemented Buck-Boost Converter Based Fuzzy Logic Control on Wind Power PlantInt. J. Mech. Mech. Eng20, 115-122.
  4. Handoko, E. Y., Cahyadi, M. N., Rahmadiansah, A., Yudha, I. S., & Sari, A. (2019, June). Assessment of the Single Frequency Low Cost GPS RTK Positioning. In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (Vol. 280, No. 1, p. 012025). IOP Publishing.
  5. Hidayat, A. S., Kusumawardhani, A., & Rahmadiansah, A. (2019, April). Design of fuel detection system in transparent pipe using image processing method based on Raspberry-Pi. In Third International Seminar on Photonics, Optics, and Its Applications (ISPhOA 2018) (Vol. 11044, p. 1104408). International Society for Optics and Photonics.
  6. Rahmadiansah, A., Utama, S. W., & Wirayusa. (2019, March). Study of low-cost IoT application for industry 4.0 using NodeMCU ESP8266 module. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 2088, No. 1, p. 020036). AIP Publishing LLC.
  7. Wikarta, A., Rahmadiansah, A., Yuniarto, M. N., & Sidharta, I. (2018, July). Water resistance performance test of GESITS electric scooter. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 1983, No. 1, p. 030012). AIP Publishing LLC.
  8. Rahmadiansah, A., Kusumawardhani, A., Duanto, F. N., & Qoonita, F. (2018, March). Application of image processing to calculate the number of fish seeds using raspberry-pi. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 974, No. 1, p. 012063). IOP Publishing.
  9. Musyafa, A., Suryani, E., Soeprijanto, A., Widjiantoro, B.L., Rahmadiansah, A., Abadi, I., Imah, E.M. and Saleh, A., 2017. Energy Efficiency Study On Traditional, and Modern Restaurant In Surabaya City, East Java, IndonesiaAdvances in Natural and Applied Sciences11(13), pp.21-27.
  10. Musyafa, A., Asy’ari, M. K., Zain, A. T., Noriyati, R. D., & Rahmadiansah, A. (2017). Development Buck Boos Converter, Capacity 100-200 Watt Base PI & PI-Fuzzy Logic Control As Support Wind Turbine Power PlantAdvances in Natural and Applied Sciences11(13), 27-35.

Teaching Courses

1 Sinyal dan Sistem
(SIgnals and Systems)
2 Akustik
3 Fisika Bangunan
(Quantum Physics)

Open Position

Lowongan Riset: 3D Object Detection & Object Tracking (requirements: python, linux)

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