Finally Hold IABEE Accreditation and AUN-QA Certification, Engineering Physics Department ITS is Opening its First International Undergraduate Class

Tue, 18 Feb 2020
10:42 am
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ITS champaign to become a World Class University (WCU) is getting more evident with the opening of the International Undergraduate Program (IUP) in various departments across faculties. Engineering Physics Department took its leap after achieved IABEE (Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education) and International Certification AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance) in early January 2019. IAEE Accreditation has been recognized by The Ministry Of Research And Technology Of The Republic Of Indonesia as an institution that has responsibility for the accreditation of programs that provide academic bachelor’s degrees in engineering and computing, while AUN-QA is an international certification created to guarantee the quality of institute or university. Later, graduate students from AUN-QA certified departments will have the same quality as well as graduate students from other universities in ASEAN Nations who are also AUN member.

Many preparations have been done to open the IUP Program which is true as an output from international certifications that have been obtained. Head of Engineering Pyshics bachelor’s program, Hendra Cordova said, “The teaching system for IUP students will use English as an everyday language in classes. For courses, it will be the same as regular classes”. IUP students will also follow the learning process with overseas campuses that have been collaborated with ITS and also Engineering Physics Department, they will experience student exchanges, students visits, internships in international companies, summer programs, and joint degrees. “During their exchanges, there will be an equalization of the syllabus between Engineering Psychics courses and subject.” Add Mr. Hendra. He also said that the IUP class will be taught by lecturers who have been selected by ITS with certain considerations, Engineering Physics Department has many lecturers who have been doing International Research, which is one of the considerations, such as Dr. Totok Soehartanto, Dr. Dhany Arifianto, and Dr. Bambang Widjiantoro.

The admission system for the IUP class and regular class has only slight differences, but the conditions remain the same, which every considered student must have a UTBK test result when registering via SBMPTN. Only for students who chose IUP class must have English proficiency with minimum TOEFL score 500, IELTS score 5.5, minimum iBT TOEFL 61, and then send a CV, motivation letter, and proof of financial capacity. As it was known, the tuition fee of IUP class is higher than regular class. But either IUP or regular students are eligible of getting a scholarship opportunity. After that, an interview will be conducted and awaiting the announcement of acceptance. In 2019, there were 17 applicants for the Engineering Physics’s IUP program, and only 4 people accepted. The entire step of registration is done by ITS. “ In the future, we are expecting that there will be foreign students enrolling because we have the same quality as well as campuses in ASEAN.” Mr. Hendra further said.

“We also routinely hold colloquium by inviting guest lectures for students in the department from abroad or from ITS IO (International Office), and always update to giving the information about exchange or excursion programs for all students, so there is no reason for inability.” Mr. Hendra also said that there was no difference between students whether, from IUP or regular class, both of them are able to succeed. (mei)

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