Job Training and Internship

Students of the Department of Marine Engineering will get the opportunity to do practical work while they are students. This practical work is important to gain knowledge other than in the classroom. This practical work is closely related to job prospects later after students graduate. Career prospects of the Department of Marine Engineering need not be doubted. This is because Indonesia is a maritime country, so development in the field of shipping science is an important thing to do. Therefore, graduates of the Department of Marine Engineering have sufficient job prospects. They can have a career as a marine engineer, including offshore oil and gas companies that have sites in the middle of the sea, as surveyors and shipping consultants. In the field of shipping, graduates of Department of Marine Engineering can work in Shipyards, Shipping Companies, Ship Certification Bureau and the Transportation Department.

List of companies both state-owned and private that can accept student work practice:

1PT PertaminaOil & Gas
2PT PGNOil & Gas
3Shell IndonesiaOil & Gas
4Total IndonesiaOil & Gas
5British PetroliumOil & Gas
6Chevron IndonesiaOil & Gas
7Exxon mobilOil & Gas
8PT Pelindo 1Port & Logistic
9PT Pelindo 2Port & Logistic
10PT Pelindo 3Port & Logistic
11PT Pelindo 4Port & Logistic
12PT Terminal Teluk LamongPort & Logistic
13PT Palindo Marine ServicesPort & Logistic
14PT RukindoDredging
15PT New Priok Container TerminalPort & Logistic
16PT BJTILogistic
17PT BKIClassification Society
18PT PelniTransportation
19PT Samudera IndonesiaShipping
20PT ASDPTransportation
21PT PALShipyard
22PT DPSShipyard
23PT DKBShipyard
24PT DRUShipyard
25PT Palindo MarineShipyard
26PT Meratus lineShipping
27PT SPIL lineShipping
28PT Temas lineShipping
29PT Dharma Lautan UtamaTransportation

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