Welcoming Parents of Student Class 2019

Thu, 05 Sep 2019
7:38 am
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On August 31,2019, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember officially welcomed the new students Class of 2019 to campus. The event that was held at Graha Sepuluh Nopember had a goal to familiarize the parents with the curriculum and learning system in ITS. The first agenda was introduction of the Rector, The Faculties’ Dean, ITS’ staff, and Students Parents Association (IKOMA). The next event would be held in Department, so that all parents were directed toward the department. (full agenda here).

At the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering, the first agenda started at 12 P.M once the parents finished having a lunch. During the presentation, Firmanto Hadi, S.ST., M.Sc., as the Secretary of the Department and Irwan Tri Yunianto, S.T., M.T., as the lecturer introduced all the lecturers attended and delivered the information in accordance with the history of the department, undergraduate study program and study plan. At the beginning of the study period, students are expected to be able to plan their studies according to the choice of courses of interest. The duration of study for undergraduate students is 8 semester (4 years). Meanwhile, to graduate, students are required to complete 144 credits with a minimum C score, the maximum study period is 14 semesters (7 years), obtain a minimum score of foreign language proficiency (English / Japanese / German / French / Mandarin / Arabic) and minimum standard SKEM scores at ITS, which is 1300. In addition, the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering also provides information on Mental and Disciplinary Training (LMDK) activity, which is facilitated by the Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK) along with Marines. This training is compulsory  for all new FTK’s students.

Before the event ended, a question session was opened for parents, some of the questions posed included LMDK SSE (Seatrans Super Sailing) and SE (Student Excursion) activities where SSE and SE activities will be held in 3rd semesters  and 6th semester… LMDK activity is one of FTK’s agenda, which is intended to provide discipline training for all FTK’s new students. This activity also aims to prevent the ‘hazing’ activities by the seniors to the juniors in the department level. After ending the whole session, the student parents’ meeting was closed with a group photo session.. (full presentation here).

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