Sustainable Ports: Building a Sustainable Port for Future Generations

Tue, 14 Apr 2020
10:30 am
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Today, environmental conditions are increasingly threatened. This occurs due to human activity that does not concern environmental sustainability when exporting it, one of them through development. As an archipelago country, Indonesia has more than 20 major ports that will continue to be developed, especially from the infrastructure and facilities that require development.

Development in order to develop the port is done because of the demands of the era to make the port increasingly sophisticated. Not only that, human needs are always dynamic also become because of the development of the port continuously considering that the port is the main gate of the logistics of the region.

Conducting the development of the port means building and changing coastal areas. According to the Mardi Wibowo from the Port infrastructure Technology Hall and the Coastal dynamics – BPPT, there are some negative impacts as a result of the development of coastal areas. Mentioned that coastal development in the construction and operational stage caused the declining quality of sea water, air quality, the occurrence of pattern change of currents, abrasion and sedimentation and the disruption of life biota around the jetty.

Judging by the various impacts above, the construction of the port with conventional concept can not be maintained anymore. Before the coastal conditions are being threatened, it is fitting to pay attention to sustainability in the development or development of the port starting now.

Sustainable Port Concept as answer to the challenge of environmental damage due to port development (image source:

Development and development of the port that pays attention to this concept of sustainability called sustainable port. This concept means that the port in its management and operations pays attention to the social, economic and environmental aspects, not just profit or profit in business.

The process of improving the quality of the port environment must be continuously carried out so that the process of repair is not stop (never ending process). Due to the sustainability of the port environmental function, there will be a harmonious, aligned and balanced relationship between people and the environment in the port area, and will support sustainable development.

The concept has now been widely implemented in major ports of the world, such as the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands and the Port of Hamburg in Germany. But in Indonesia, the new sustainable port concept is applied to one terminal, namely at Teluk Lamong Terminal, Tanjung Perak port, Surabaya. In the future, it is fitting that this concept is applied in other ports in Indonesia so that future generations can still feel the atmosphere of the coastal area as we feel today.

Written by:
Wahyu Nur Hidayatun Nisa
Students Department of Marine Transportation Engineering
Force 2017


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