Receive RISPRO Funding, Head of Seatrans ITS Ready to Make iStow Global

Mon, 08 Jun 2020
12:24 pm
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IStow application, international certified stowage Planning Indonesia, created by Dr-Ing Setyo Nugroho, head of the Marine Transportation Engineering Department

ITS Campus, Seatrans NewsiStow, a stowage planning software created by Dr-Ing, is a tool for the load-on-board. Ir. Setyo Nugroho now enters a new chapter. The head of the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering (DTTL) has received innovative research funding for prolific (RISPRO) wave competition year 2020 by the Education Fund Management Agency (LPDP). This time, the application will be developed to be marketed more broadly, especially in southeast Asia.

RISPRO Funding Competition is a research funding program provided by the Ministry of Finance through LPDP to a group of researchers. This Program aims to improve the competitiveness of the nation through the commercialization of products/technologies or the implementation of policies/governance or publications.

Through the research titled Hilirisasi Software in the international vessel Stowage Planning in order to reach ASEAN market and Industry 4.0, Setyo, the familiar greeting of KADEP DTTL managed to receive RISPRO funding with the focus of modernism.

Display (user interface) of different types of iStow applications

The creation of this application is backed by frequent ship accidents due to error in the load setup process. “The mistake caused the stability of the problematic vessel,” added Setyo. And most of the ship accidents are caused by the unstabatically the ship itself.

iStow is the only software stowage planning that has been internationally certified. Currently iStow has received certification from the Indonesian Classification Bureau (BKI), ClassNK (Japanese classification body), Indian Register of Shipping (IRS), and Regristro Italiano Navale (RINA). “Until now, we are currently processing certification in Lloyd Register (LR),” added lecturer from the department which is often called Seatrans.

Currently, Setyo explain, iStow application has been used by several national shipping companies. iStow has also been used for learning in several cruise vocational schools in Indonesia. “It’s been widely used, now it’s time for Indonesian products to go international,” he said.

In the era of the 4.0 industry, added the TU Berlin alumnus, all things based on artificial intelligence and big data, so that the use of iStow was assessed appropriately. “Because it can make the ship loading process efficient,” he said.

Stability calculation view generated from iStow application

The features that complement the application include payload load logger, automatic counting, as well as a stability checker according to International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations. “With iStow, the data of the ship and its content are increasingly transparent and accountable,” said the man.

Another advantage of the fruit software by the Sea Transportation Telematics Laboratory is the system that has been integrated with the booking system payload to the yard planning system. In addition, iStow also automatically provides administrative documents tailored to international standards.

Until now, iStow experienced various developments. Designed for container ship arrangement at the beginning, currently iStow for Ro-Ro ferry type, chemical tanker and LCT vessels are also available. It doesn’t stop there, Setyo said, this app will continue to be developed. Together with the German-Norwegian classification body, DNV-GL, the iStow team is developing the interface with Eco-Assistant. “Hopefully iStow’s usefulness can be felt by more people,” he concluded. (PR Seatrans)

IStow view for setup of load position on Container ship

Dr.-Ing. Ir. Setyo Nugroho (leftmost), when presenting iStow application in ITS technology exhibition to Menhub Ignasius Jonan (center) year 2016

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