FTK Alumni Gathering “Hang out and FTK Alumni Award”

Sat, 04 Apr 2020
9:00 am
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ITS Campus, Seatrans News – Completing the series of inauguration events of the SEA Building Department of Marine Transportation Engineering (DTTL) of the Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS), Alumni of the Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK) ITS Gathering was held. Held on Friday (13/3), the event that brought together FTK alumni from various generations took place warmly with a thick family atmosphere. Not only that, in this event also given awards to alumni who excel in various fields.

The program which was hosted directly by Dodit Mulyanto’s comics was lively and full of laughter. Dodit’s presence provided entertainment for the alumni and increased the atmosphere of the crash in the event.

The Dean of FTK, Dr. Eng Trika Pitana, S.T., M.Sc, revealed that the increasing number of students from various departments in this faculty must be accompanied by strengthening the established family relations. This alumni activity is expected to be an example for FTK students who are still active in college. “Build and maintain harmony and close relations between forces and between departments from the beginning so that communication is maintained,” he said.

In order to appreciate alumni who have contributed and had many positive achievements in certain fields, awards were given in nine categories.

The first category, Outstanding Achievement is given to Prof. Ir. Soegiono, the founder of FTK, as an alumni who has extraordinary achievements and has a broad impact on maritime technology. Then Professional Excellence is given to given to Ir. Hery Tjahjana as an alumni whose profession is in accordance with their fields of expertise, has proud achievements and holds fast to their moral and scientific values.

While the Entrepreneurial Spirit category was given to Ir. F. danar Dono as an alumni working in the field of business and entrepreneurship, Lifetime Achievement was given to Ir. Harun Al Rasyid as an alumni who has been struggling for a long time and has consistently contributed in his scientific fields. Furthermore, the category of Social Excellence was given to Awang Sasongko, S.T., M.H. as alumni who have high social and caring spirit.

Millennial Excellence Award is given to Iksan Ade Kurniawan, S.T. as a young alumni who has outstanding achievements in the profession he worked on, then Founder Excellence was given to Ir Tri Achmadi, Ph.D as an alumni who is the founder of DTTL and has created various innovations for the development of the maritime sector. Furthermore, the Lecturer Excellence award was given to Dr. Yeyes Mulyadi, S.T., M.Sc. as an outstanding alumni who work as an educator. And finally, the Honorary Mention category was given to Ir. Bambang Haryo Soekartono as alumni who contributed to the development of technological innovation, and social society.

Ending the awarding procession, Anita Puji Lestari, S.T., the management of the FTK ITS Alumni Association (IKA) expressed his gratitude to the alumni who were present and continued to take part in their respective professions. “We give this award sincerely to alumni who have worked hard and are expected to spread enthusiasm to students to take part in maritime, social, and scientific fields,” concluded the President Director at PT Adiluhung Sarana Segara Indonesia (ASSI).

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