Marine Transportation Telematics Laboratory

Laboratory of Marine Transportation Telematics

This laboratory is led by Dr. Eng. I G. N. Sumanta Buana,ST., M.Eng. as head of the laboratory and accompanied by several lecturers with related fields of expertise, namely Dr-Ing. Setyo Nugroho, Eka Wahyu Ardhi, S.T., M.T. and Muhammad Riduwan, S.Kom., M.Kom. This laboratory also facilitates students to work on the Final Project especially on the topic of Shipping.

Marine Transportation Telematics Laboratory related to several courses, including:

  1. Marine Transportation Modelling
  2. Marine Transportation Telematics
  3. Shipping Business

As for the research and community service in this laboratory, it relates to:

  1. Design and management of marine transportation information systems
  2. Artificial intelligence of sea transportation
  3. Telecommunications and sea transportation transfer data

Some examples of research and community service in this laboratory include:

  1. Pengembangan dan Penerapan Konsep Digital Education untuk Wilayah Kepulauan: Studi Kasus Pulau Maratua
  2. Pengembangan dan Penerapan Konsep Digital Island: Studi Kasus Pulau Maratua
  3. Optical Container Number Recognition
  4. Vessel’s Voyage Monitoring System
  5. iStow: a semi-automated software for stowage planning
  6. Transits: a simulation for schedulling of shipments and fleet

Here are the industries and Institution that have collaborated with this laboratory:

  1. PT Samudera Indonesia Tbk
  2. Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) German Academic Exchange Service
  3. Hochschule Wismar, Universitas Sains Terapan: Teknologi, Bisnis, dan Desain
  4. PT PLN (Persero)
  5. Meratus Group