Computation and Operation Research Laboratory

Laboratory of Computation and Operation Research

This laboratory is led by Dr. Eng. Sumanta Buana, ST, M.Eng as head of the laboratory and accompanied by lecturers with related fields of expertise, namely Achmad Mustakim, ST, MT, M.BA and Dika Virginia, S.Si., M.Sc.

Unlike the other three laboratories in the Department of Sea Transportation Engineering which is a research-based laboratory, this laboratory is a teaching laboratory that serves to facilitate courses that require computational-based practicum, such as: Drawing Engineering, Computer Programming, Operations Research and Modeling of Marine Transportation.

As a teaching-based laboratory, this laboratory has hardware and software facilities that have licenses. Some licensed software owned include:

  1. Arena Academic Research yang berfungsi untuk discrete event simulation yang berjumlah.
  2. Powersim Studio 10 Expert untuk System Dinamics Simulation.
  3. Anylogic Professional 7.3 untuk Multimethod Simulation.
  4. Frontline Risk Solver Platform 2016 R3 untuk Numerical Methods dan Optimization.
  5. Palisade DecisionTools Suite 7.5 Industrial untuk Risk & Decision Analysis.
  6. IBM SPSS Statistics Premium 24 untuk Statistical Methods.
  7. Matlab R2016b untuk Numerical Computing.
  8. Maxsurf Advanced Suite Ver. 21 untuk Ship Building.
  9. Adobe Creative Cloud untuk Graphic Design.
  10. Unity Pro untuk Software development, Qt Commercial License untuk Software development.
  11. SolidWorks 2017 Premium untuk Computer Aided Design.