Expressing Gratitude, ITS Seatrans Holds Orphans’ Compensation

Wed, 01 Apr 2020
4:29 pm
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ITS Campus, Seatrans News – Starting a series of inauguration events for the new lecture building, the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering (DTTL) held an orphanage benefit on Thursday (12/3). In collaboration with the Department of Da’wah Department (LDD) As-Safinah, DTTL brought 50 orphans from the As-Sholihin orphanage and the As-Sa’adah Orphanage. The event which was held in the form of istighosah and joint prayer was a form of gratitude for the establishment of the new DTTL lecture hall.

Entering its ninth year since it was first established, DTTL ITS now has a new lecture building. Before inaugurating the building on Friday (3/13), an expression of gratitude was held for orphans. “Today we are all grateful and pray that this new building will benefit us and bless us all,” said the Head of DTTL, Dr. -Ing. Ir. Setyo Nugroho.

The man who is familiarly called Setyo revealed, it is incomplete if gratitude and happiness have not been transmitted to the people around us. He said, this step was carried out so that he was always reminded to spread benefits to the community. “Surely it starts with small steps, from the closest circumference,” said the TU Berlin alumnus.

The event which took place in the Meeting Room of the new DTTL building was also enlivened by music and prayer from the Love Rebana ITS Student Activity Unit. Then led by the Chairman of the Islamic Spiritual Guidance Team (TPKI) Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK) ITS, Drs. Mahmud Mustain, MSc., PhD, istighosah and joint prayer were read.

Not only DTTL, Setyo added, all alumni of FTK ITS also contributed in providing compensation to orphans this time. In the form of money and school supplies, gifts are given one by one to the orphans present.

Hand in hand between the DTTL academic community and alumni in the big event of the inauguration of this new building is expected to continue and continue to bring benefits to the surroundings. “Hopefully the existence of this new building can provide benefits for all parties,” concluded Setyo. (dnr / yus)

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