Practical Work


In facing the era of global competition that will be faced by students if they graduate from college, it is necessary to have a paradigm change in the completion of Field Work. The mindset of students who only focus on report writing needs to be changed towards getting as much work experience as possible. Students are required to be more active during the Field Work period than before. Thus it is expected that students can get experiences that are beneficial for them when they enter the workforce later.

To achieve this, there are several rules that students must adhere to during the implementation of Field Work. Regulations starting from the standard daily report writing, final report and open session are prepared by the team, so that students get the maximum benefit from the Field Training that they have carried out. The open session that can be attended by all students is a new thing that will be implemented with the aim that students who have done practical work can share their experiences with other students in the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering.

Dokumen Unduhan

List of Filed Work Company

The following is a list of companies that have facilitated students of the Marine Transportation Engineering Department in carrying out Field Work

NoCompany NameSector
1BP BatamPelabuhan
2DHL Global ForwardingLogistik
3Distrik Navigasi Kelas I SurabayaPelayaran
4PT. Adhiguna PuteraPelabuhan
5PT. Alstom Power ESILogistik
6PT. APL Logistik IndonesiaLogistik
7PT. Arpeni Pratama Ocean LinePelayaran
8PT. ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero)Pelayaran
9PT. Badak NGLLogistik
10PT. Bahtera Adhiguna (Persero) Cabang SurabayaPelayaran
11PT. Bahtera Adhiguna JakartaPelayaran
12PT. Berlian Jasa Terminal IndonesiaPelabuhan
13PT. Cipta Krida Bahari LogistikLogistik
14PT. Dharma Lautan UtamaPelayaran
15PT. Gunanusa Utama FabricatorsLogistik
16PT. Indobaruna Bulk TransportPelayaran
17PT. Indonesia Kendaraan TerminalPelabuhan
18PT. Jakarta Internasional Container TerminalPelabuhan
19PT. Kamadjaja LogisticLogistik
20PT. KOJA Terminal ContainerPelabuhan
21PT. Medco E&P NatunaLogistik
22PT. Meratus Line JakartaPelayaran
23PT. Meratus Line SurabayaPelayaran
24PT. Pelabuhan Tegar IndonesiaPelabuhan
25PT. Pelayaran Tempuran EmasPelayaran
26PT. PELINDO I Cabang BelawanPelabuhan
27PT. PELINDO IIPelabuhan
28PT. PELINDO II Cabang PalembangPelabuhan
29PT. PELINDO II Cabang PontianakPelabuhan
30PT. PELINDO II Cabang Tanjung PriokPelabuhan
31PT. PELINDO IIIPelabuhan
32PT. PELINDO III Cabang BanjarmasinPelabuhan
33PT. PELINDO III Cabang Tanjung EmasPelabuhan
34PT. PELINDO III Cabang Tanjung PerakPelabuhan
35PT. PELINDO III Cabang TenauPelabuhan
36PT. PELINDO IVPelabuhan
37PT. PELINDO IV Cabang BalikpapanPelabuhan
38PT. PELINDO IV Cabang MakassarPelabuhan
39PT. Pelindo Marine ServicePelayaran
40PT. PELNI (Persero) JakartaPelayaran
41PT. PELNI Cabang SurabayaPelayaran
42PT. Pertamina Patra Niaga Cabang SurabayaLogistik
43PT. Pertamina ShippingPelayaran
44PT. Perusahaan Pelayaran Nusantara PanurjwanPelayaran
45PT. Perusahaan Pelayaran NusatenggaraPelayaran
46PT. Pupuk Kalimantan Timur Cabang Jawa TimurLogistik
47PT. Pupuk SriwidjajaLogistik
48PT. Salam Pacific Indonesia LinesPelayaran
49PT. Samudera Indonesia Cabang SurabayaPelayaran
50PT. Samudera Shipping ServicePelayaran
51PT. Sarana Bandar Nasional Cabang SurabayaLogistik
52PT. Sarana Bandar Nasional JakartaLogistik
53PT. Semen IndonesiaLogistik
54PT. Semen TonasaLogistik
55PT. SILKargo Samudera LogistikLogistik
56PT. Terminal Petikemas SurabayaPelabuhan
57PT. Terminal Teluk LamongPelabuhan
58PT. Tonasa LinesPelayaran
59PT. Wira Mitra PrimaLogistik
60Terminal Petikemas SemarangPelabuhan