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In order to answer the user’s needs for responsiveness and accurate information, ITS Library provides Ask A Librarian. Ask A Librarian is one of ITS library services where users can get all the information they want through their gadgets. especially among their busy lives (student / lecturer / researcher) who do not allow them to be physically present to the library building.

The Ask A Librarian services include:

  1. Questions and guidance regarding the facilities and collections owned by the ITS library
  2. Questions and guidance on how to search electronic collection source services
  3. Questions about the program and agenda held by the ITS library
  4. Search for literature related to the task and research of users
  5. and other question related to the information needs desired by the user

The Ask A Librarian can be accessed through :

  1. Messages via email: (please fill out the form below to send an email)
    Email messages can be sent at any time and the ITS Library reference librarian will open an email to respond during business hours (Monday to Friday: 07.30-16.00 WIB).. E-mail messages will be replied to within 1 × 24 hours
  2. Order via Whatsapp live chat: +6281132000809 (please click here to ask directly)
  3. Criticisms & Suggestions can be submitted via live chat Whatsapp: +628155259765 (Criticism & Suggestions only)

Line: vcn1984y

Instagram : its.library

Facebook :  perpustakaan ITS

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