The book collection on the 5th floor is a collection consisting of mandatory textbooks and reserve books, supporting textbooks, and recommended textbooks that are relevant to the curriculum that applies at ITS. The book contains information from various scientific disciplines spread across shelves with classification numbers 000 – 900.

– The total textbook collection owned by the library is 41,649 titles; 98,209 copies
– The number of Tandon books owned by the library is 22,846 titles and copies.

Circulation also provides free library services for students as proof that he does not have a loan or other obligation to the library. Free provision of literature is intended to keep the collection maintained and students comply with library regulations. For students, free library is needed for the judiciary or taking a diploma.

The circulation service room also provides a computer to print free of charge by bringing your own paper

CollectionITSITS Students Under 3 SemestersNon-ITS
General Collection10 Titles For 2 Weeks5 Titles For 2 WeeksRead Only
Reserve Collection5 Titles For a Weeks3 Titles For a WeeksRead Only
The Number of TextBook Collections
The Number of Reserve Collections
41.649 Titles
22.868 Titles
98.202 Copies

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