Nowdays, electronic resources is one of important collection to fullfill information needed for CIVA ITS. Based on that, ITS library open workshop class for CIVA ITS and it named eResources Class. With joining eResources Class, expected that CIVA ITS know properly to use eResources Collection that subscribed by ITS

Content of this Class is :

  1. Introduce of eResources that subscribed by ITS
  2. Introduce for ITS digital repository
  3. How to access and use ejournal, ebook, and another online database that subscribed by ITS (access in campus area and outside campus area)
  4. How to access and use ITS Digital Repository

eReseources class held in library building (internet room, 3rd floor) every Tuesday of 2nd month at 10 – 12 am. Don’t forget to register first at And if you have problem with time and place that organised by library, you can request your own schedule with confirmation to our staff (Reini Ariani or Yeni Anita Gonti).
WA +6285937062001, email, facebook Perpustakaan ITS, IG ITS Library

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