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Benchmarking International Staff Mobility (ISM) 2024

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In connection with the International Staff Mobility (ISM) 2024 activity which was attended by 24 non-academic employees and lecturers from Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Australia, and the Philippines on April 29 – May 3, 2024, which was organized by the Global Communications Department ( DKG) ITS, so they sent 3 librarian participants from the Philippines to carry out benchmarking to the ITS library, they are:

  1. Ms. Ivy Basalan-Mabanto dari Surigao Del Norte State University (SNSU), Philippines
  2. Alona Solis Menil dari Surigao Del Norte State University (SNSU), Philippines
  3. Sonia B. Siago dari Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (DMMMSU), Philippines

This activity will be held on Tuesday 30 May 2024 09.00 – 16.00 WIB and the purpose of this benchmarking activity is to find out and learn about information related to business processes, programs, and implementation of technical and non-technical service work in the ITS library which can later be appliedin the library where they work. Two of the three Filipino librarians are library heads with considerable experience in their fields.

The group arrived at the library at exactly 09.15 WIB and was greeted by the Head of the ITS Library Administration Sub-Division, in this case representing the Head of the Library, Edy Suprayitno, who was unable to accompany them due to official needs. The Head of Administrative Subdivision is not alone but is accompanied by Senior Supervisors and Persons Responsible for Library Services and Digital Development and Processing Services.

Guests were welcomed in the Biblioteka room on the 2nd floor, which is the court/meeting room belonging to the ITS library. The event began with remarks from the Head of the Subdivision, Mrs. Tjatwari, introducing all her staff who accompanied the guests. Then proceed with self-introduction and the aims and objectives of their visit to the ITS Library. The event was quite relaxed, discussing while enjoying simple snacks.

During the ongoing discussion, the librarians from the Philippines asked many questions, all of which were in English, but of course, there was a translator from DKG, namely Ilham, who was tasked with helping to communicate if they experienced difficulties. However, all questions were answered smoothly and quite to the satisfaction of the three of them. Then after taking a group photo and handing over souvenirs to each other, to further clarify and deepen what had been discussed, the event continued with a library tour of all sections and services in the ITS library, starting from the 1st floor to the 5th floor, starting from governanceprocessing of library materials to library facilities and services. During the library tour, it turned out that many interesting spots for Filipino librarians would later be implemented in their libraries, one of which was the Lesehan corner on each floor which was provided for students to relax more in studying and discussing.

As a closing event before they went home, the group was invited to enjoy a typical Indonesian Bawor durian eating tour in the Mulyosari area of Surabaya which is different from durian from the Philippines and they were very happy and enjoyed it. Even though this benchmarking was only for a short time, it was really impressive, said the three. Bravo ITS Library (yag)

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